Do Books Fix Everything? {sale + challenge}

Do Books Fix Everything?

My approach to processing life is books.
God’s teaching me a lesson? Write a book.
Difficult trauma in the world? Put it into a plot.
It’s Christmas? Chances are I’ll give you a book.
Need an escape? Pick up a book.
See an issue in the world that needs fixing? Fix it in the world of the book.
Wish autumn were longer? It is in my book. 

Today is the National Day of Remembrance of Aborted Babies. 

So today I’ve put my pro-life ebook on sale for 50% off. This weekend, grab it for only $1.99

Today I’m also announcing the Honor Life challenge for Instagram and blogs. During the month of October, follow the prompts in the image below and share a post, photo, quote, book, or caption that somehow relates to one of the prompts. If you have a blog or social media account, please join! I have a full, fun launch month planned for Sustainer’s Smile, so stay tuned.

Overrun By Your Love is also on sale today. If you might enjoy an inspirational poetry collection with a mix of fun and serious poems, pick it up today

Books don’t fix everything, but they can be an effective way to process life. Praise God that He gave us His Word – both written and made flesh – and His Word IS the answer to everything in our lives today – big or small.

How do you tend to process life? Is it through books?

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