All My Books are Free or 99 cents

I hope you had a very blessed Thanksgiving! I did. 

Every book of mine is either 99 cents or free. Go here to buy them.

(If you’ve been wanting to start my series, Promise’s Prayer is free! And the rest of the books are as low as they’ll ever be!)

  • Resting Life (inspirational nonfiction)
  • Truth from Taerna series (Promise’s Prayer, Victory’s Voice, Surrender’s Strength, Sustainer’s Smile, Memory’s Mind – realistic clean kingdom fiction novels)
  • Overrun By Your Love (inspirational poetry collection)
  • Gather ‘Round the Fables (whimsical fables retold in the style of KJV, politically correct, and narrative poetry)
  • Happiness Below (historical fiction short story)

But that’s not all! Go browse over 300 other 99 cent and free clean books here

If 300 books is too many to sort through, here are a few books from that sale I’ve loved (besides my own, of course): 

Glad Tidings by Angie Thompson: 25 short stories for Christmas! This is my favorite Christmas collection!

Red Boots by Kate Willis: touching short Christmas story

Fanny’s Hope Chest by Sarah Holman: excellent story on contentment and ministry!

Fellowship of Light series by Chelsea Burden: I edited this one and it’s all about community and love and unity and growing and learning and it has such excellent characters and lessons!

Six Cousins series by Kelsey Bryant: such fun cousin stories with excellent spiritual lessons along the way

Ilyon Chronicles series by Jaye L. Knight: excellent clean non-magical fantasy. Adventures, deep characters, good spiritual message

As the Heavens are Higher by Courtenay Burden: I haven’t read this one yet but I can’t wait to! I’ve loved all Courtenay’s other works that I’ve read! Such a gorgeous vintage Christian writing style!

AKA Simon Lee series by P.D. Atkerson: if you like mystery and high stakes secret spy adventures, you’ll LOVE this series.

Enjoy the Poodle Skirt by Kate Willis: such a sweet, fun, clean little mystery!

Kate’s Case Files series by Sarah Holman: Biblical morals meet detective stories

The Mrs. Meade Mysteries by Elisabeth Grace Foley: I read the first one and loved it so much I want the rest now!

Enjoy reading!


There’s a New Collection in Town!

Hi folks! Today it’s time to announce Hope (My Theme in Glory Book 1), a collection of short stories and poems crafted by a number of amazing authors from The King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp! It’s now available to purchase on multiple platforms!

The admins of the camp, who put this collection together, asked me to edit and format it for them, so I had the privilege of reading each story early on – and I also contributed a story to the collection. If any of you are Truth from Taerna fans, you won’t want to miss Whose Hope He Is, a short story about the Ellith family that falls in between Victory’s Voice and Surrender’s Strength.

About the Collection

Hope,” I thought. “What a small word for such a big thing.”

The broken world groans. Oh, for a beacon of light! Where is something to live for—to kindle the spark of excitement, to calm the heart, to impart love, joy, and peace—and perhaps to shine the light of God’s glory on earth as in heaven?


In these twenty-two sweet stories and poems, experience the dawning of a sure, unfailing hope. Join a plethora of relatable characters young and old in their journey through the heights and depths of suffering—a cancer diagnosis, a shocking accident, the loss of a dear family member. Wrestle with the agony of a missing loved one, an unavoidable mortgage, or a tough move. Experience the ache of rejection and loneliness, misunderstanding and oppression, and illnesses both physical and mental. Yet in the midst of each heartache winds a strong, undying cord of hope—that light in the darkness, that beacon, that anchor of the soul. As you smile, cry, and sigh through each heartfelt piece, perhaps you too will grasp ahold of your own hope again.

For our God is our glorious Hope.

Where to find it







Or add it to your TBR stack on Goodreads:


My review

So many lovely stories and poems comprise this collection! I enjoyed each one.

Jae Fisher wrote a picturesque poem about A Personification of Hope that begs the reader to stop and linger over the descriptions.

Kearra R. Mattson’s story, Hope’s Treasure, is a sweet little piece about a girl who wished for a sibling.

Missing, Not Dead, by Karlissa R. Mattson explores hope when a deployed soldier is reported missing. Will they ever hear from him again?

A Man and a Brother by Angie Thompson is a companion story to her series! I enjoyed the descriptive writing of a dramatic and high-stakes encounter where lives are at stake.

Choices by P.D. Atkerson is another companion story to the author’s series! While short, I enjoyed the glimpse of how hope was kindled in two hearts – one in this life and one eternally.

Katja H. Labonté’s story, Sing a Song Again, is so full of human emotions and struggles and hardships – and the hope that can enable one to endure despite them. I was inspired by the real struggles and beautiful words of truth in this story. And the themes were lovely.

Keeping Up Hope by Rebekah Morris was a sweet and funny story of two little children who misheard something important and did their best to help their family avoid imminent calamity in their own simple, innocent, honest way. I enjoyed the refreshing simple style of this story.

What Matters Most by Aurora Currier – what a beautiful story of hope this modern retelling of the parable of the prodigal son was! The words wove a vivid picture in just a short space.

On Wings of Hope by Deigan Marie is such a sweet story about a young aspiring author who submits and story and her journey of hope and fear throughout the days waiting for its acceptance or rejection. I truly enjoyed this little gem of a story!

What beautiful description is found in Martha Abilene’s story Wordless Hope! The characters feel real and the message so aptly illustrated in the most interesting way as a woman with a lisp struggles with knowing how to comfort her relative about to give birth. This story is one to be reread again and again.

Have Hope by Jovey L. is a dramatic tale of a girl coping with her best friend’s greatest tragedy. Her struggles and fears and heartache leap off the page and the writing is engaging.

Sea of an Unknown Future by Savannah Dawn Marie is a beautiful, heartfelt prayer in poetic form on hoping through and in the unknown.

His Embrace is a poem by Clarissa Choo that delves into the experience of losing and finding hope. What gorgeous words that express the depths of human emotion and divine love.

Dare to Hope by M.L Milligan is a very historical-feeling story alternating viewpoints between the main character and his blade. Can anything save the people?

Jacie T.’s story Her Name Was Hope is a lovely short story about why a mother named her daughter Hope. I enjoyed the heart put into this story!

Looking Up by Olivia Godfrey is a historical story about hope in a marriage that is lacking. What beautiful lessons this story has!

Whose Hope He Is is my story – it peers into the lives of the four Ellith children as they have a picnic on a beautiful afternoon and wrestle with their heartaches.

Chelsea Burden’s story The Meaning of Resurrection may have been my favorite of the entire collection! The message of wondering how one can write about resurrection when her heart is dead – and the struggles that accompanied the question – resonated with me, and I loved the gorgeous poem included in the story!

Courtenay Burden’s historical fiction piece A Hope to Trust is such an elegant vintage story about a little boy whose toy is broken, and a girl whose heart is broken because the world is broken and Papa has the Plague that is plaguing everybody – and about a very wise doctor who knows just what to say and do – and what not to say and do – to impart valuable truths to both girl and boy. This story was another that I especially enjoyed!

Hope Assured by Brooklyn O’Brennan is a pensive story about hope in the face of death. I appreciated the valuable lessons presented in such a soft, inviting way through the story – right along with the character.

Look to the Wildflowers by Tiffany Michele is a story I look forward to reading again. An artistfinds her skills “blocked” and visits her grandfather in hopes of unraveling her problems – but she find so much more – a connection with her grandmother, a connection with God, and hope.

Redeemed by Brooklyn Kramer is a gorgeous allegory of life in God and His kingdom. I enjoyed the picture the author paints of our life and the hope we have in Him.

Give this collection a try and be encouraged in the Lord.


Memory’s Mind Cover! [so much autumn!]

Surprise! It’s the gorgeous cover for Memory’s Mind!⁠

Isn’t it so PERFECT for autumn?⁠

I can’t stop admiring it!⁠

This is the book on meditation I’ve been working on, and it’s both a very personal character journey for Kelton and it has more intrigue than the other Taerna books.⁠

  • It releases January 21!⁠
  • You can preorder it TODAY! and it’s 50% off right now!⁠
  • Today is the LAST DAY you can get all five Taerna books for just $7.96! That’s $11 off the normal price! 
  • Promise’s Prayer is free today only!

Kingdoms both heavenly and earthly demand his mind. No wonder he disappears for two hours each day.⁠

Nothing escapes Kelton’s notice, and nothing leaves his memory. Yet behind his big brown eyes lurk a lifetime of soul-struggles. At nineteen, Kelton receives Adon Olam’s call to leave everything behind and seek Him in solitude upon a hill belonging to a local hermit. Somehow, the more he fixes his mind upon Adon Olam, the more it wanders. During his years with the hermit, countless lessons and revelations shape his character. Over time, the answer to his biggest dilemma becomes both more clear and more impossible.⁠
Then the sudden death of co-king Daemien throws all Taerna into turmoil, and in the ensuing chaos, Kelton’s memories prove crucial and his hyper-analytical skills essential. But will his quiet, home-loving soul crumble under the pressure of public scrutiny? Will countless but seemingly harmless distractions inevitably win the battle for his thoughts? And will he ever feel like he knows Adon Olam?⁠

If you haven’t discovered the world of Taerna yet, you can start with Promise’s PrayerIt’s FREE today only! Or pick up the whole series today only for just $7.96! (regularly $18.95! That’s $11 saved!)

Thank you so much for attending this reveal party. Hop over to for all the updates plus a free short story. And don’t forget to preorder the EBOOK and SIGNED PAPERBACK! The ebook is currently on sale for $1.99, but the price will go up to $3.99 soon, so don’t wait!

 May the blessings of the Lord be upon you today!


Sustainer’s Smile is Here!

It’s Here, It’s Here!

My favorite book is out.
Happy launch day to Sustainer’s Smile
grab it today to celebrate

p.s. it’s currently on sale for 50% off because I forgot to change the price before the preorder locked. So it’s launching at just $1.99! It’ll go up to $3.99 on Saturday, so grab it now!

As the oldest sister of eight children and the mother of three, I have never NOT been around babies. My earliest memory is the day my next brother was born, and I date all of my subsequent memories (childhood, teen, and adult) by who the baby was at the time. 

So the wonder in writing a book that prominently features babies is only that it took me so long to do it. 😉   

I first drafted Sustainer’s Smile four years ago. It had been scheduled to be drafted that month for two years previously, so it was an extra-special blessing from God that the tiny, newly-created form of my first son was being molded within me as the words of this book – words of life, words of truth, words of heartache and hope and loss and suffering and smiles and babies and pregnancy woes and God’s sustaining hand – first formed themselves under my fingers. 

What a blessing to experience firsthand the miracle of unborn life while penning this book. What empathy for those little humans that no physical eye has yet seen but whose hearts beat steadily with the potential of a thousand unknown futures.  

Today, as I write this, my son sits at my feet, joyfully putting together airplanes for a game and letting us know which of us gets which color. Today, he’s just as much of a blessing as he was when Sustainer’s Smile was first drafted.  

Today, Sustainer’s Smile is ready to launch into the world. One day, our children will be also. In the meantime, are we redeeming these precious moments with them? May we indeed consider little ones as God sees them: children as a blessing and babies as a reward.

Fun Features of Sustainer’s Smile: 

  • it has babies.
  • cute babies.
  • fictional babies. enjoy them without any work. 😉
  • there’s a baby squirrel.
  • The main character is Liliora and she’s my favorite of the Ellith siblings.
  • you might cry.
  • fun brother banter.
  • secrets and surprises.
  • deep spiritual messages. 

Don’t forget to join the giveaway. Or read the first chapter for free. Have you been participating in the Honor Life challenge for Instagram and blogs? It’s not too late! During the month of October, follow the prompts in the image above and share a post, photo, quote, book, or caption that somehow relates to one of the prompts. If you have a blog or social media account, please join!

Get Sustainer’s Smile

Learn the Basics

  • It’s Book Four of Truth from Taerna but it can easily be read as a standalone.
  • It’s a prolife novel.
  • It tells the story of Liliora Ellith, who makes peace with her past and discovers her future among the cradles of Taerna’s unwanted babies, born and unborn.
  • It’s a kingdom adventure fiction novel.
  • It’s clean and family-friendly, though it’s recommended for teens and up due to dealing with the issue of abortion. 
  • You can get it here right now! or get the paperback.

View or Buy Sustainer’s Smile on Amazon

Read the Snippets

Liliora shook her head. “If Adon Olam wants it, I will not listen to my fears.” Yet tears welled up even in the words, and she felt her heart failing her. 

“And then we played Hide and Find Me in the hay. And Kethin couldn’t find me forever! I hid in the very back corner, and Kelton helped pile hay on me so I looked like a haystack. And then Kethin laid down in the hay to hide, but I saw his boots peeking out.”

“That’s not fair, because I’m so much bigger than you.” Kethin’s grin flashed. “The hay doesn’t cover me as well. And it takes a good deal more to cover me.”

“You still have hay in your hair.” Liliora motioned to Kethin, then to Tae.

Kethin ran his hand through his hair. “Are you teasing me?”

“No! There’s some by your ear.” Liliora set down her spoon, not going to risk spilling a bite while shaking with laughter. 

Kethin’s fingers traveled up and down and at last landed on a miniscule fragment of straw behind his right ear. “Come now, that’s hardly hay. Not like Tae, at any rate.”

“My hair is a haystack,” Tae replied, rumpling it until it stood on end.“A very dark-colored one,” Liliora agreed

See the Blurb

Suffering suffocates her soul. 

How can she ever smile again?

A helpless newborn…that’s exactly how twenty-four-year-old Liliora Ellith feels in her efforts to speak up on behalf of the youngest members of Taerna’s pleasure-driven society. Her tender heart for the defenseless and deep aversion to conflict throw Liliora’s soul into turmoil when tragedy opens her eyes to the quiet yet heartrending war on Taerna’s babies—both born and unborn. Adon Olam’s Word coupled with a secret in her own past fuel her determination. All she wants is to make peace with her past and discover her future among the cradles of unwanted babies. However, the challenges ahead of her threaten to send her spiraling into hopeless depression time and again. Saving innocent lives from the crush of the destroyer and raising a generation in the ways of Adon Olam seem more impossible than ever. At the very end of herself, will the sufferings of her and her babies prove to be anything less than the catalyst for complete disaster?

Enter the Giveaway

Win a signed paperback of Promise’s Prayer (Truth from Taerna #1) and other fun prizes! Enter here.

ALSO! Surprise! You can get the whole Taerna series for less than $5 this weekend! Promise’s Prayer is FREE! And the rest of the Taerna books are on sale! Run and grab the whole thing – FOUR Full-length novels for $4.97!
(PS – due to technical difficulties, it might not show up until tomorrow #timezones. But hurry! I’m putting Sustainer’s Smile up to its regular price of $3.99 on Saturday!)

Find the Rest

There’s a bookstagram/blog challenge, author interviews, character spotlights, and more!Add to Goodreads

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Top 5 Books for 2021! {Five Fall Favorites 2021 Day 6}


Welcome to the last day of Five Fall Favorites, a week-long book party hosted by Read Another Page and I with party “rooms” at various literary blogs! Each blog had a different theme for the day and each blog shared five favorite books each day in a specific genre.

Things are winding down at the Literary Lodge – giveaway winners will be announced as well as other exciting happenings. But today we have a special treat for you: free and cheap books – including some of my books! So be sure to read to the end to find them.

Today’s theme is top five books I read in 2021 (so far)!


It’s a gorgeous fall day here by the lake, and here in the Boats room we have a variety of rowboats for your use as we go through these books. So hop on board, grab an oar . . . and let’s push off from the shore. Ripples echo against the sides of the boats, tiny whirlpools swirl away in the deep blue as oars rise and fall, orange leaves hover on the surface, and sunbeams glitter in a thousand reflections off the water.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the crisp air as we wind down our week . . .

The Kneeling Christian by An Unknown Christian 

Every believer needs to read this book.

It gives a picture of prayer that we need to grasp. It inspires the reader with a glimpse of heavenly perspective. Our God is faithful. Are we praying?

Glad Tidings: A Flash Fiction Advent Calendar by Angie Thompson 

These short stories are such heart-grabbers! In just a few words, the author not only sets the scene but gets us into the hearts, heads, and shoes of relatable, life-like characters. Christmas spirit permeates this book, and so many angles are touched upon in this story: Christmas in a poor family, Christmas in hospitals, working on Christmas, tender moments between family members, Christmas through the eyes of children, Christian with the elderly, Christmas festive and Christmas bleak, Christmas historical and Christmas modern, Christmas in fields and Christmas in feasts. Hope, love, joy, peace, and purpose shine from these pages. Don’t miss this collection!

Fellowship of Light series by Chelsea Burden 

Exquisitely-drawn characters, gorgeous vintage writing, an intriguing plot, wonderful spiritual themes, and a beautiful story-voice. Don’t miss this first installment in The Fellowship of Light series!

Thirty Days Until Thirty by Sarah Holman

I loved this short story! A woman is counting down the thirty days before she turns thirty with special things each day.

Anything (King’s Daughters Story Collection, #1) by KDWC authors

What a heartwarming, deep Christian collection! I enjoyed each story so much. Character depth and thought-provoking life truths proved to be the stars of this collection. I smiled, sighed, and sympathized as I read each story. Prepare to be encouraged!


It’s time to row the boats back to shore. I certainly enjoyed our time here on the lake. Be sure to check out the other rooms, and don’t forget! Many books are FREE or 99 CENTS today! Head over to to find the full list.

And now for the giveaway! Click the below button/image to FIND OUT WHO WON this awesome stack of five books, the fall tote bag, and the Amazon gift card!


Thanks for coming to Five Fall Favorites! What were YOUR top five reads this year?


Books With a Baby! {Five Fall Favorites 2021 Day 5}


Come to the bonfire, my friend, and warm up on this cool autumn evening! I hope you’ve enjoyed the day here at the Literary Lodge.  I’m glad you decided to stop by before turning in for the night. Have a seat, wrap up in a blanket if you’re still chilly, and let’s sing a few childhood songs before we share our top five favorite books that include a baby.

Welcome to day five of Five Fall Favorites, a week-long book party hosted by Read Another Page and I with party “rooms” at various literary blogs! Each blog has a different theme for the day and each blog shares five favorite books in a specific genre. There are also giveaways and free books, so don’t forget to check out the rest of the rooms for today’s freebie (link at the end of this post). It’s the last day to enter the giveaway!


Flames crackle. Smoke wisps upwards and disappears. Logs burn and disintegrate. A warm glow fills the air, mingled with the memorable scent of a campfire. Crickets and frogs provide a background chorus as the very first stars peep out above.

Here, in the warm coziness of the orange circle, with faces dimmed and camaraderie present, let’s share some favorite books that include babies.

Baby Mine by Kellyn Roth 

This is a sweet historical fiction story! And the baby is so dear!

From the description: “Amaliya Preobrazhensky lives with her mother in a tiny apartment. They don’t have much except each other, but that’s all right. Every day, God provides. When Amaliya’s father, who hasn’t been around since before she was born, returns and a custody battle begins, it’s hard for her to understand. Can a man she’s never met really take her away from her beloved mother? Why would God let such a thing happen? Sensitivity Warning: this novella features mistreatment of characters based upon their ethnicity (Russian) and other prejudices (unmarried mother). Though good triumphs in the end, it is not before a mighty struggle.

Peanut Butter Families Stick Together by Bill Butterworth

This book is full of hilarious family stories by a dad with four children: a girl, two boys, and a mischievous but delightful baby. In it, the author relates the humor of trying to get to church on time, a family Saturday out to breakfast, a trip to an unusually-themed doctor’s office, and much more. With chapter titles like “Hospitality May Be Hazardous to Your Health,” this book won’t fail to bring a smile to your face.

The Millers Series by Mildred A. Martin 

The Millers books feature another family learning life lessons in everyday moments. Sharon, Peter, Timmy, Laura, and the baby – Beth – have many teachable moments together – some of them quite memorable, like the time baby Beth accidentally knocked down her brothers’ block tower and provided the boys a lesson on sudden anger. These books are highly recommended!

To Save a Life by Ryana Lynn Peterson

I had the privilege of editing this book, releasing October 22, and it’s amazing. There’s a baby – perhaps more than one! – who is the sweetest and dearest little thing. The story revolves around the baby, and it’s filled with Biblical and pro-life themes. Don’t miss this wonderful, sweet, and sometimes tough story!

Sustainer’s Smile by Erika Mathews

This one’s mine and it features babies everywhere! It’s possibly my favorite book I’ve ever written. The themes of life, God’s sustaining hand, and finding a smile in suffering shine through the pages. It may make you shed a tear and smile along with Liliora Ellith as she makes peace with her past and discovers her future among the cradles of Taerna’s babies, born and unborn.

A helpless newborn . . . that’s exactly how twenty-four-year-old Liliora Ellith feels in her efforts to speak up on behalf of the youngest members of Taerna’s pleasure-driven society. Her tender heart for the defenseless and deep aversion to conflict throw Lili’s soul into turmoil when tragedy opens her eyes to the quiet yet heartrending war on Taerna’s babies—both born and unborn. Adon Olam’s word coupled with a secret in her own past fuel her determination, but the challenges ahead of her threaten to send her spiraling into hopeless depression. At the very end of herself, can her own utter insufficiency be anything less than the catalyst for complete disaster?


The fire burns low and silence descends. Sleepy figures huddle in camp chairs, listening to the sounds of the night. Quiet . . . peace . . . the world is at rest.

And now for the big fall giveaway! Win:

  • Jayne’s Endeavour paperback by Lauren Compton
  • Promise’s Prayer (First edition) signed paperback by Erika Mathews
  • Oh, The Fallen signed paperback by Abigail Harris
  • Dancing With Fireflies signed mini paperback by Rebekah Morris
  • Bingeworthy: A Flash Fiction Anthology by Havok authors
  • Fall tote bag
  • Amazon gift card

Giveaway open to both US and international winners; if an international winner is drawn, that winner will receive ebooks and the Amazon gift card while a second winner from the US will be drawn to receive the paperbacks. Enter here.

Check out the other party rooms and find the free book:


Have you read any of these books? Which were your favorites and why? Which ones would you like to read? What are your favorite books with babies?


Hope Books! {Five Fall Favorites 2021 Day 4}


Welcome to the fourth day of Five Fall Favorites, a week-long book party hosted by Read Another Page with party “rooms” at various literary blogs! Each blog has a different theme for the day and each blog will be sharing five favorite books in a specific genre. Don’t forget to check out the other blogs/rooms to find your free book of the day!


The door creaks open slowly. An orange leaf floats down to rest in the dust near the doorway. The scent of hay fills the air. Pumpkin rest in the corners, piled for winter use. Readers of all ages file in, find a cozy corner in the hay, and settle in. Welcome to the Barns room!

Today’s theme is books about hope or with the theme of hope.

Discovering Hope by Rachel Rittenhouse

From the description: “Discovering Hope is the diary of a 13-year-old girl, Bethany Woodsmall, younger sister to Carolyn, the beloved character of Finding Faith. Bethany and her family struggle to adjust to the many changes in her family, and it seems she is stuck in the middle with her family pulling two different ways. Will Bethany be able to discover the hope of God’s faithfulness as she experiences these difficult times?”

I very much enjoyed this clean, sweet family novel and the hope that filled its pages!

Fanny’s Hope Chest by Sarah Holman

I signed up for a pre-release copy of this book on a whim. I think it was actually God’s doing. Wow, I was not expecting this story to be so powerful, so convicting, so amazing. 

Ellie was such a relatable character. She’s near my age and she’s discovering that life doesn’t always go like you hoped and planned . . . And that’s hard. Now, while she might be mourning her singleness, I find myself struggling with the exact same things in other areas of life… and in both cases, the answer is the same. Ellie was so well written and realistic. I also enjoyed getting to know Fanny. The twists of Fanny’s story, told gradually, really built up my interest in her life and that mysterious hope chest. 

Ah yes. The hope chest. During the early chapters of the story, I was a bit biased. I never had a hope chest, and never wanted one, because it seems that it is easy for a hope chest to encourage “hope” in the wrong thing: namely, marriage and a family when that may or may not be God’s plan. A hope chest would only fuel meditations on romance, marriage, and a home that might not even be in my future and would only encourage wasted daydreams on building a castle in the air that would crumble to dust. Now, there’s NOTHING whatsoever wrong with wanting to be a wife and mother and nothing wrong with preparing one’s self for that potential calling one day (and indeed it’s wise!), but for me, I didn’t want to dwell on possibilities before God said yes. And in this book, I witnessed how all the time, energy, and money the characters put into filling hope chests indeed led to temptations to discontentment and to planning an unknown future.

HOWEVER. As the story unfolded and Fanny kept talking, I began to Suspect. And while I didn’t guess the ending, my heart started exploding with the possibilities for a TRUE “HOPE” chest. When the ending was revealed, I was smiling and almost crying. It was so beautiful, so meaningful, so Biblical, so full of true HOPE and surrender and trust and love and blessing and joy and peace… wow. I loved this little book and its message and everything. I loved how the hope chest became a TRUE hope chest! I loved how God turns every moment and memory of pain into something precious and beautiful and good and eternal!

Single ladies (and gents!), read this book. Married people, read this book. You will be blessed.

Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments by Laura Wifler and Emily Jenson 

Sometimes it’s hard to find the hope in mundane life – especially when it’s full of family and home challenges. Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments addresses this beautifully in the area of motherhood. I loved how each chapter brings perspective back to the gospel – to God’s view of the situation. What an excellent read!

Fireproof by Eric Wilson

When a marriage seemed hopeless . . . the love of God provides hope.

Very good story about God’s work in a “hopeless” marriage.

Finding Hope and A Strand of Hope by Amanda Tero 

Finding Hope is a short, sweet prequel to A Strand of Hope. Both books are historical fiction, and A Strand of Hope follows a fictional librarian of Willow Hollow – one who travelled on horseback to bring books to people in the mountains. I truly enjoyed the important lessons and character growth that Lena experiences. Her story and situation is so, so sad, but I appreciate how it was used to gently teach her about bitterness, forgiveness, accepting help from others, bearing all things, believing all things, hoping all things, enduring all things, and demonstrating true love.


Thanks so much for joining me here in the barn today! Feel free to explore further. There should be bikes ready for riding, boats on the lake, benches to relax on, and a bonfire to sing hymns around. And don’t forget to find the books room for the free short story. See you tomorrow!

And now for the big fall giveaway! Win:

  • Jayne’s Endeavour paperback by Lauren Compton
  • Promise’s Prayer (First edition) signed paperback by Erika Mathews
  • Oh, The Fallen signed paperback by Abigail Harris
  • Dancing With Fireflies signed mini paperback by Rebekah Morris
  • Bingeworthy: A Flash Fiction Anthology by Havok authors
  • Fall tote bag
  • Amazon gift card

Giveaway open to both US and international winners; if an international winner is drawn, that winner will receive ebooks and the Amazon gift card while a second winner from the US will be drawn to receive the paperbacks. Enter here.

If we get enough entries, we’ll draw an additional winner to receive ebooks . . . so tell your friends!

Check out the rest of today’s rooms here:


Have you read any of these books? Which ones? What did you like about them? Which book sounds most interesting to read?