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The morning sun silently yet steadily slithered its way above the horizon, radiating hues of orange. Immediately, the dew-decked grass began to sparkle in a million drops of fire and ice. The freshness of the green landscape was dazzling – over gently rolling hills, trees, fields, and pastures. Lilies shone in white, yellow, and pink. Butterflies fluttered, joyous in airborne motion. The wind whispered, beckoning to the figure seated in the paradise of God’s handiwork and creation.

Good day. I am your author and editor. Currently, I am also your character. As every author knows, characters are actually the ones who tell the story. However, contrary to authors’ frustrated misconceptions, characters do not tell the story their own way. How can the character know her own ending or manipulate all circumstances to fit her desires? Yes, characters tell the story – but the fate is directed and guided by Another.

I was introducing myself to you, was I not? I tend to follow butterfly trails in conversation – always connected, yet continually moving.  I am Erika Mathews, author of Promise’s Prayer and freelance editor. I begin to tell you my story, and yet I do not and will not finish, for my story is eternal. I do not know all of the beginning, and I cannot dream of what will follow – for there is no ending, only chapters that grow more and more exciting and fulfilling. Welcome to this page of my story.

I am both a Christian fiction and non-fiction writer. I write for all ages. My Creator and Keeper has taught me so much about Himself and equipped me with the ability to transform His teachings into written word – and that is the primary focus of the scribblings of my pen. For non-fiction, I write in short-article/devotional style, centering each piece on a verse or principle of Scripture revealed to me by God. You can read my current non-fiction at Resting Life and my archived devotional writings at Life in the Son!

I have been devouring books since I was five years old. To see is to read. This has equipped me as an editor and I have been involved in several minor editing projects, including books, articles, web material, essays, and speeches. Editing is a passion of mine and I enjoy using it for the glory of God. If you are interested in my editing services, please contact me.

Please sit down and enjoy the sunrise as you peruse my small world. Written Rest is a place to revel in the written word while remaining in continual rest in the LORD. If you are challenged, blessed, encouraged, or interested in anything here, please turn my monologue into a conversation between friends through commenting.

May God bless your life with His rest and may you be encouraged through His Written Rest here.



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