We Love You, Kellyn!

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Surprise! It’s party time!

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This is a party for a very special person, a very dedicated writer, a very entrepreneurial businesswoman, and a very dear friend.

Yes, Kellyn, it’s you!


For the rest of you here who may not know Kellyn Roth, let me introduce her quickly . . .

Christian ~ author (so many historical fiction books!) ~ founder of Reveries Co. ~ blogger ~ consultant and writing teacher ~ border collie lover ~ reader ~ cat owner ~ clarinet player ~ country girl ~ great with graphics ~ conservative ~ sportsy girl ~ history museum volunteer ~ secretary ~ ISTP ~ joyful friend  ~ check out the links above for more

With introductions out of the way, welcome to my party room! (Psst – in case you haven’t heard, there are party rooms for Kell all over the blogosphere today! So – enjoy your stay here, then pop over to see what other party hosts are up to!)

KELLYN. We — I appreciate you — who you are as a person, what you’ve meant in our lives. Gather ’round, all your friends wish to expound on that directly:

Dear Kelly,

Sometimes I will start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. But you finish those sentences. You, my beautiful friend, are the Dwight to my Michael. (Only you’re prettier. And we’re women.) No matter the weather, you’re there for it all, and I thank you. Thank you for our talks about Jesus. Thanks for the rants and rambles about fiction and life and everything in between. Thank you for the laughs. Thank you for your support.

I could give a pretty long list of why you’re awesome but I’ll list 3 reasons. 1.) You’re God’s kiddo. 2.) You’re my friend. 3.) You’re a redhead. Just kidding, that’s not reason 3. Reason 3 is because you promised me Harrington. Haha.

I love you, girl. God’s with you through it all and I’m honored to be a part of your life.


Angie Watts

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You’re the first indie teen I read a book by, you made me realize I could write. I remember reading the last page of The Dressmaker’s Secret and swiping to your bio . . . I was shocked when I saw that a girl my age had written it, yeah, I still haven’t finished writing a book but I will. Thanks for the encouragement and support as well as the late night sprints!

I’ve been scarce since I left The Young Writer’s Workshop and we haven’t talked much but your blog posts are as good as ever if not better. Yeah, I’m totally writing this too late . . . I still hope you like the letter, night!


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Dear Kellyn,

Surprise! It has been a while since you have heard from me. This time I am the one writing you a letter (Shiv says hi to Jordy!).  I have always admired your writing and your determination. Your characters are always so real!



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Hey Kell,

I remember first meeting you on the Young Writers Workshop. You’ve definitely come a way since then. I know it’s hard being an indie author in your genre, but keep fighting, okay? You rock, and I know I’ll be seeing you around on the web.



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Dear Kell,

“Yes, I know Kellyn Roth.” This is the first sentence I remember hearing about you years ago, by one author to another. When you later joined The Chatter Box, I was blessed to begin that getting-to-know-you process for myself. I’d love to share three ways knowing you has blessed me. 

You’re dedicated. In every area of life I’ve seen—writing, editing, publishing, your walk with God, business, and more—you don’t just get ideas, you act on them, and when you have a goal, you pursue it. What an inspiring example. 

You’re positive. Wow. Your joyful attitude is such a blessing. In every circumstance, you give thanks – and in so doing, you accomplish God’s will for your life (1 Thess. 5:18). 

You’re humble. You’re honest about your weak points (no need to hide you’re human!) without being self-deprecating. You’re willing to learn and not afraid to ask questions! And so you’re able to receive God’s grace. 

There’s much more, but these are just a few areas where I see Christ especially strongly in you. Keep seeking first God’s kingdom, and I promise (God promises!) all other things shall be added for you. And today I’m so blessed to be able to say for myself, “I know Kellyn Roth.”

Blessings to you!

Erika Mathews 

Hiya Kell!
If I were to play a game of describing every fellow artist I know, the first word that’d come to mind for you would be “inspiring.” Because it’s true. Ever since we came across each other on the YWP NaNoWriMo forums, and then later online (which was, truly, a miracle in itself!), you’ve been such an amazing inspiration to me. And no doubt many of the other young writers you know feel the same way. True thought is in every blog post, every beautiful story you write for us and for God. You’re a part that can never be replaced in our community. 🙂

 Wishing you the best in every blessing,

 ~ Merie

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Dear Kell,

Keep blogging and writing books! They’re encouraging and inspiring to so many people in the blogosphere and indie author world around you!! I love reading your posts with your perspective on different topics… they always make me think! (I also love reading your ranty reviews on Goodreads! 😝) I think you were one of the people who inspired me to start writing my own books. Before 2018, I had no idea teen girls around my age even wrote books!! It’s pretty fun. Anyway, never forget the gifts God has given you. 


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Dear Kellyn,

I don’t have much to say except thank you. Thanks for being a homeschooled, historical fiction indie author friend. I love reading your books, yes, but I value your friendship and helpful blog posts even more. Keep growing in the Lord!

Hanna Kraft

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We don’t know each other well, but I just wanted to give you a shout-out for your amazing cover design! You’re an inspiration to indie authors and freelance cover designers alike!

~Kaitlyn Krispense

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Dear Kell,


I hope you know that I love you SO much. Like CRAZY much. Even though sometimes I don’t see you for long long stretches of time, you’re one of my bestest buddies and I appreciate you for all that you do.

You’re a seriously inspiring person⁠⁠—competent, organized, and wicked creative. I don’t know how you get everything done that you do (writing buttloads of awesome books, running multiple blogs and social media accounts, running A LEGIT BUSINESS, TEACHING CLASSES, having ANOTHER JOB on the side, AND MORE?!?!??), but my current theory is it’s some sort of blood magic.

Thank you for being you, for sticking to your values, and for being an awesome friend.

I hope your summer’s going good!!!!!





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Dear Kellyn,

I could say a lot of things. I could say thank you for your determination to make it into the publishing world (which you have done, considerably well), that I admire your blog posts and your books and you, that your puppies are ADORABLE, that it’s crazy to think how you’re juggling teaching and a business and writing and another job when the rest of us are still struggling with algebra—- and all of that woulda been true. 

But for today, the person I wanna acknowledge is Kell. Not the author, or teacher, or business professional persay, just Kell the person. Y’know, the one that’s not afraid to speak her mind, or stand up for something she believes in. The one that enjoys a good romance. The one that likes pink but doesn’t consider herself that much of a girly girl (what a weird label anyhow). The one that’s struggling. And going through a lot. And having hard times at times. And hasn’t let life crush her- yet. This turned out surprisingly dark but you know what I’m trying to say. XD Thank you for being you. 

That’s… that’s all I got. 


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Hi Kell,

When I first heard about you I thought, wow that is a weird name, then as I got to know you a little bit better(mostly through blog tours and your instagram) I’’ve seen that you are also a really cool person and an interesting writer. My first thought however remains, you have an interesting name.


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Hi Kellyn,

You’re pretty amazing, you know that? I watch from afar as you start businesses and publish books and mentor writers — including me. Thanks for helping with my random, frantic indie publishing questions and for being an amazing formatter.

Truly. You were an answer to so many prayers when it came to publishing my first book. 🙂

I know you are a valued member of YWW, and have halped so many young writers more than you think. Keep being such an amazing friend, writer, and ecourager. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us.

In Christ,


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Dear Kellyn,

You, my adorable friend, are a flash of fireworks in a dark night, a rainbow amongst clouds, and a highlight in my online life!  When I first joined the social media a few years ago, I couldn’t have anticipated all the amazing people I would meet . . . and you were one of them.  I love your hilarious sense of humor (you never fail to make me laugh!) and your down to earth positivity. You are a constant bright spot, no matter where you are shining.  You are strong, funny, quirky, and one of a kind. Thank you for all the thoughtful conversations, all the laughter, and all the gifs. The Thanksgiving / Christmas wars would have certainly never been the same without you!  *wink* Congratulations on the incredible journey you have had so far and best wishes on all that is ahead for you. I’m so proud of the wonderful Christian young woman that you are. May His perfect path be clear to you always!  I praise God for the blessing of Kellyn Roth.

Love, Allison Tebo

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Hey Kellyn,

When I first heard that there were Christian fiction authors, I actually found you through Angela Watts and from there; starting following your journey writing and encouraging other writers. I just wanted to thank you for your encouraging words and helping me understand that Christian fiction and historical fiction are more than just “boring.”

Thanks to you, I’ve started taking my own writing seriously and even if that isn’t what I do for a living, I know that I can create a book that speaks to people.

Thank you so much,

Joshua Reid 

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Hey Kellyn, 

You, girl, are awesome.  I don’t know how you do it — working, writing A LOT, running a business complete with contractors, and being that epic all at once…when most folks your age are walking with knocking knees to their first college classes or trying to figure out where they’re going in life.  You know that’s right (cue Burton Guster/Dule Hill voice). When I first “met” you, albeit only online, I was amazed to find out that you weren’t even a high school graduate yet, since you seemed so mature and professional.  You’re an inspiration, not only to your readers, but to your community and the online writing community (communities?) as well. Watching you do your thing on the interwebs is always pretty awesome and inspiring — I hope you know how special and influential you are, just by being you, because that’s pretty fantastic.  

Keep the faith and keep being you! 🙂 

Michaela Bush 

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We’ve never met, and the most interaction we’ve had is through comments on your blog and social media. But I still remember when I first heard of your existence. 

I was sitting in a choir practices and the lady next to me turned to me. She knew I was an avid reader (book lovers, unite!) and was telling me about the surprisingly good book she had read by a young author that she thought I would love. it was the first Chronicles of Alice and Ivy book, and she was amazed by it. She told she only picked it up because a homeschooler wrote it, and she didn’t even know homeschoolers could write. 

Not knowing I was a homeschool graduate, I sat and listened (trying not to laugh) at her explanations about homeschooling and how you had broken all of the molds she had concocted in her mind about it. 

And that sent me on a quest to discover who this girl was. And I found your books, and I found your blog, and I have been blessed and encouraged by both. 

Kellyn, I love the way you deal with tough issues, and you don’t shy away from them. Your blog has more than once encouraged me when I am struggling. Your books are ones I turn to when I need the comfort of old friends. And, more than that, your writing always point me towards Christ as the ultimate answer, and I have been thankful for it.

Please, continue to share your writing with the world. We need more of what you have to offer the world, more of the beauty you see and capture in the black and white words that you put down onto paper. We need more of your fearlessness to tackle the issues that people tend to ignore, and to bring clarity and light to them. 

Thank you, for being such a fearless, bold writer. 

With Joy,

Kaitlyn S. 

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Dear Kell, 

I can’t even quite remember how we first met – it must have been on Goodreads somehow – but it feels like I’ve known you my entire blogging life (which is a mere two years haha) or that our getting to know each other was so slow and easy that the line between not knowing and being friends has been blurred to indistinguishable. (<< wow what a sentence)

Anyhow I’m so incredibly blessed and honored and happy to know you. You inspire me so much. You’re so real – like you don’t put on airs – and so accomplished and almost superhuman at the same time that I just … both look up to you and yet don’t feel like I do? Does that make sense? Maybe not. Moving on …

Some favorite memories :


  • Signing up for review copies of your books for the first time without knowing what they were about (?!) and being skeptical when I saw their premise


  • But being totally sucked in and ridiculously impressed and 100% convinced of your skills


  • You joining us for the journey of TGMSH even though it’s been slacking a lot haha. I’m just so honored to have you on as consultant with all your experience


  • Fighting over Little Women 😑 


  • Your post about why experienced bloggers should be nice to new bloggers


  • Seeing Reveries & Co. grow from scratch (#proud)
  • My dad complimenting you without knowing who you are bc I told him about Reveries & Co. being started by a 17 yo and he was just, wow this girl is so entrepreneurial (that’s the right word, right??)  and I was like 👍
  • Being in the same cabin for two camp nanos







Anyway. Just want to say it’s a pleasure to be your friend and here’s to many more years of knowing each other. May God continue to bless you, dear girl. 



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Hey Kellyn! 

I’ll be honest, all I can think of to tell you is this: Just immerse yourself in the Word and pray. 

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5 Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

  • Philippians 4:4-8

(Here’s a few others too: Proverbs 3:5-6 / Psalm 139:23-24 / 1 Peter 5:6-9)

I’ll be praying for you,

Hannah K

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Dear Kellyn,

You were the first ever teen author that I encountered. Before that, I didn’t even realise that people could pursue their writing dreams from a young age. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration to me with your books, your awesome blog posts, and your life in general. God’s going to bless you for everything you’ve done and for everything you will do. 

Keep making people smile!


Medomfo xxx

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Dear Kellyn,

It’s been such a joy to work with you and develop a friendship over the time we’ve known each other. You are such a talented and creative young lady and I’m proud to call you friend! May God so richly bless you this year and every coming year. Hugs and happiest of birthdays to you, girlie! Oh, and welcome to the 18 Club.  


Sarah Grace Grzy


Kellyn, I pray you are blessed and encouraged today! May Jesus shine through you more and more! May His life be your rock and your light. Keep seeking Him – abide and continue in His Word – He will continue to make Himself known to you, in you, and through you. He’s your life and success!

birthday blessings lilac


Time Captives Cover Reveal

Today we have yet another cover reveal! This time it’s for Morgan Huneke’s Time Capives trilogy. I’ve read this trilogy and found it a simple and thought-provoking tale full of adventure and spiritual truths. For giveaways, purchase links, and more at Morgan’s blog, click here.


In a perilous quest that spans two worlds, four siblings must team up with their long-lost ancestors and a rebellious slave to deliver an enslaved people from the cruel strytes who invaded their land.

And here are the new covers! I love the new looks – quite fitting for the story and its mood. I especially enjoy how the covers each capture the setting and feel of the story.

TC Graphic.jpg

Buy Book 1 now!

Buy Book 2 now!

Buy Book 3 now!

The Time Captives trilogy is a tale of faith, family, fantasy, and a fight for truth and freedom – and Morgan will be giving away a complete set of brand new Time Captives books! Be sure to enter! Giveaway open to U.S. residents only.

Protecting the Poor Cover Reveal

Even though I’m not into fairy tale retellings, this is one series I can’t wait to read. The third book will be released soon – and today we get to see the cover of Amanda Tero’s newest book.


Protecting the Poor will release August 26, 2019, completing the Tales of Faith trilogy. While Befriending the Beast and The Secret Slipper are loose retellings of fairy tales, Protecting the Poor is a retelling of a classic legend: Robin Hood.

About the Book

Sheriff Feroci is now lord over the province, and Abtshire has become a pit of injustice. Being forced into the lord’s service does not give Dumphey as many opportunities to help the poor as he desires. When attempts on his life drive him into the forest, this freedom opens a world of possibilities for helping others. But how can he do so when he is running for his life? And does God want him to do more than simply feed the poor?

Noel has always hidden behind the shadow of his older brother, Dumphey. When life forces him to stand on his own, will he still follow God in the corrupt world in which he lives? Would God really call him to do something that is beyond his power to do?

As Lord Feroci’s sinister plot comes to light, each lad has a choice to make. A choice that could cost them their lives.


Prologue of “Protecting the Poor”

Lord Feroci slammed the desk with his fists. “I didn’t send you on a fool’s errand, Barat.” He clenched his teeth as he glared at the missive opened before him.

“Aye, sir. I cannot help that others are the fools.”

Feroci released his anger in a growl. Barat stood patiently, his arms crossed.

“We’re losing time, Barat.”

Barat didn’t respond.

“You’re not doing enough.” He raised his head to glare at his man. Barat stared him down. Nothing could phase this man. Which was exactly why Feroci had him in his employ. But ’twas irksome at times. Feroci blew out his pent-up air and fell back into his chair. “What do you suggest?” Barat was the only man in Abtshire from whom he would even consider suggestions. The man had proven his loyalty on the battlefield, taking more than one scar for Feroci. Feroci had returned the favor as many times. They were in this together.

Barat finally stepped forward, but he didn’t sit in the seat across Feroci. Instead, he took the missive from Feroci’s desk and held it at two corners. “I say, we do this…” He pulled at the paper and it ripped—something weak giving way to a greater force that commanded it. That sight alone gave Feroci strength and he nodded in satisfaction.

“Aye. Something made from pulp cannot stand against an iron fist. They will give way.”

“Call another meeting.” Barat layered the two pieces of paper and held them over one of the candles that shed light in the dim room. A small strand of smoke wove upward before the paper burst into flame. Extra light illuminated the room then dimmed as the paper turned into gray ash. “We know their weaknesses as well as their strengths. Use their weaknesses against them. Convince them that there is no other choice.”

Feroci leaned forward and grabbed the quill he had dropped when Barat had entered. He ran his fingers across its smoothness before taking a clean paper. “Well put.” He dipped the quill in ink. “Matheny … ’tis a vast city, but given the right promise, the townspeople will rebel and overthrow Lord Nedry.” He wrote a few lines, shaping the concept that Barat had supplied. “Haar is closer to the king, so that could pose problems.”

“Then wait on Haar. We’ve three cities between our province and them.”

Feroci didn’t look up from his writing. “Lord Alexandre is on my side. If he works with me, mayhap we can claim the help of Belmis, Metz, and Kiralyn.” He paused at the last name. The anger that had dissipated boiled under the surface once more.

“You can’t obtain Kiralyn—”

“Curse you, man!” Feroci threw his quill at Barat. The man didn’t flinch. “We’ll have to overthrow Lord Kiralyn and sever any ‘blood ties’ to the king. I will obtain the throne.” He stood and his chair crashed backward. Obtaining Lord Trent’s domain from the king had been an easy task. The unfortunate lord had conveniently died in battle with no other witness besides Barat. The king had promoted Feroci from sheriff to lordship, giving him reign over Abtshire, Fordyce, and Keller. Controlling the latter two was nothing—they were mere hamlets compared to the likes of Matheny. Feroci had the talent and ability for so much more.

He had to gain control before Yzebel gave birth to their child—his heir. It must be his heir. He had no use for a lass. But a son—a son he could shape and mold, without the meddling of others, to follow in his footsteps … aye, that son would establish their family as royalty forever. The land was now under the leadership of a man who had gone mad since his daughter’s return. Why had he named Princess Belle as heiress of the kingdom? She had left her father and had been raised by Lord and Lady Kiralyn. This, Feroci would know—he was one of the only lords the king didn’t refuse to see after the death of his wife. In the king’s dark hours of grief, he had made substantial promises to Feroci for his help. Promises that had blown away much like the ash of the letter Barat had burned.

Feroci had written. Barat had spoken. Nothing would sway the king’s mind. He was going against all tradition of the land and naming a woman as leadership, should he pass before she married.

“I can’t marry the lass myself, and I haven’t a son to do so. I will make the king pay,” Feroci hissed. He walked to the window and pulled back the drapes that blocked the fading daylight. A lad stood below, staring up at him. Recognition slammed Feroci when his eyes locked onto the lad. He was more of a threat to Feroci than he would ever know.


The man joined him.

“How much did he hear?”

The lad’s gaze shifted to something in the distance. He turned and walked toward the barracks—the place he should have already been at this time of day.

Barat’s dark eyes followed the lad’s movement. “You can finally make your move against him.”

Finally. Feroci liked the sound of that word. He had waited too long, but he would wait no longer. “Take care of him.”

The silence between them sealed the promise.

“But don’t make it a matter of convenience.” Feroci let the drapes fall. “I don’t want to raise suspicion.”

Add to your Goodreads Shelf.

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Want to read more?

Visit Amanda’s blog for a preview of the first chapter.

Would you like to be a part of “Protecting the Poor’s” release team (and get a free eBook)? Sign up here to spread the word on social media!


Two Cover Reveals for Kellyn Roth books!

The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy, main series (1)
This sweet historical fiction series is getting new covers! While I LOVE the old covers, the new ones are equally gorgeous!
TDS and IvIn Cover Reveal
1 - The Dressmaker's SecretThe Dressmaker’s Secret

If they knew who she was, they’d never accept what she’s become.

Claire will stop at nothing to provide for her daughters. An unwed mother, she does everything possible to raise them whilst avoiding her scandalous past. Some secrets are best kept, even between mother and daughter.

Alice longs for a father, especially if that means her mother will be happy. She takes matters into her own hands—but she never expected what she finds.

Despite her efforts to shelter her daughters, Claire’s ghosts rise up to haunt her, and any semblance of control over her life vanishes. If her secrets are uncovered, what will become of her family?

TDS variations
Ivy Introspective2 - Ivy Introspective

In a world that doesn’t understand her, how can she grow?

Ivy Knight lives her life in a blur of confusion as the world passes her by in a tumultuous melody. She isn’t the perfect daughter or student, but as long as she can be with her family, she doesn’t mind watching rather than living.

Mrs. Chattoway treasures both of her granddaughters now that they’re reunited. When Ivy’s parents enroll her in a Scottish school for unique children, she’s happy to chaperone.

In a new place with a new guardian, Ivy discovers a special talent that helps her see the blurred world in a new way. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and Ivy becomes determined to find it—and help others do the same.

IvIn variations (1)
Find Kellyn Roth online:
Reveries Co: reveriescompany.com
Facebook: krauthor | reveriesco

Hymns in the Hills Book Review


p“Could you not teach them what you do know?”

Separated from her parents and sent to live with unknown relatives for the summer, Belle Standish clings hard to the promises found in her dear Bible and her beloved hymns. As she grows to love her newly discovered family, she finds much work to be done for her Lord in this neglected field.

But when danger threatens those she loves, Belle’s faith and courage are tested in ways she never imagined. Will God’s promises hold true even in the midst of the storm? And what can she possibly accomplish with just her one little light?


Click here to enter to win a free ebook of Hymns in the Hills. One way to enter is to find the hidden sentence in all the blog posts for this tour (the links for all the posts are at the bottom of this post). There is one word hidden in every post. The hidden word in this post is in all-caps somewhere in my review below. 🙂

My Review

What a sweet little old-fashioned story! This is a style I particularly love. Told from the perspective of a dear little child who is sincerely seeking God with her whole heart (notwithstanding her very human mistakes and struggles), Hymns in the Hills is heartwarming and refreshing. I enjoyed meeting Belle, a young girl who is sent to live with her aunt and uncle for several months. I enjoyed each one of the many hymns she would SING as she went about her daily work. Some of the hymns were very familiar to me; others were old favorites I rarely hear sung nowadays; still others were new to me and yet equally beautiful and beloved.  I loved how their theology wove about naturally with Belle’s everyday life, shaping her character, encouraging her heart, ministering to those around her, and guiding her decisions.

The plot was well crafted. It wasn’t complicated, and I found much of it quite predictable, but that did not in the least detract from my enjoyment. It was inherently Christian, with Biblical messages and morals unapologetically woven throughout the pages, but I didn’t find it contrived or forced to forward the Christian themes, but rather quite realistic and believable for the work and purpose of God in the hearts of His people.

The more exciting parts of the plot were handled well. Although there was danger from human and natural forces, it wasn’t inappropriately frightening. Nothing was shown “on page” that I’d hesitate to let a child read, and yet just enough hints were woven within the background threads of the story to allow older readers to appreciate what was going on without dwelling on evil.

The characters! The characters were so well-drawn! At first, it’s difficult to keep track of all the many cousins, but since we get to know them slowly right along with Belle, it’s not hard to put everyone in their places as quickly as needed. Each cousin’s personality shone through the pages, each contributing to the well-rounded flavor of the story. The older relations were also well-characterized – no cookie cutter characters here! I also enjoyed the minister and his wife. I even loved the distinct personalities of the dogs, though I’m by no means a dog person. 🙂

Tom Beck remained a puzzle to me throughout the book. I would have liked a bit more explanation as to his motives and methods, though there was enough to be satisfactory for the most part. The one part of the story I didn’t find entirely realistic was his interaction with the girls – he seemed quite careless in regards to them.

Another element of the book I enjoyed was how long it took to travel to each isolated cabin in the hills! So often stories gloss over this, but I was happy to see that this wasn’t the case here. The long treks between neighbors came across quite realistically.

The ending was satisfying. The storylines of the aunts, uncles, cousins, Belle, and her parents all wrapped up quite well in the sweet old-fashioned style the book was written in. All in all, I found Hymns in the Hills to be encouraging and refreshing. I’d love to meet Belle in person, and I’d love to read a sequel about her future life!


View book on Goodreads

View book on Amazon

View the Author’s Blog

rebekahmRebekah A. Morris is a homeschool graduate, an enthusiastic freelance author and a passionate writing teacher. Her books include, among others, Home Fires of the Great WarThe Unexpected RequestGift from the Storm and her best-selling Triple Creek Ranch series. Some of her favorite pastimes, when she isn’t writing, include reading and coming up with dramatic and original things to do. The Show-Me state is where she calls home.



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Introducing . . . Restful Readers!

This month I’ve been participating in #WIPJoy, a social media event where I post daily about my Work In Progress, responding to a specific prompt. I’ve been posting about Victory’s Voice, Book 2 in Truth from Taerna.

Yesterday’s prompt was quite difficult for me.


It isn’t that I don’t have supportive family. It isn’t that I don’t have awesome online writing friends and blog followers. I do. I could shout out to all of you. You truly add something to my life as an author. Some of you in particular have been extremely encouraging and supportive for various writing projects I’ve done.

It’s just that upon careful pondering, there really wasn’t anyone in particular who stood out as a reason I keep writing Victory’s Voice specifically.

Victory’s Voice is a unique book. It wasn’t supposed to be at all. After winning NaNo 2014 with Promise’s Prayer, I wasn’t going to do NaNoWriMo in 2015, yet as October passed, I found I couldn’t skip NaNo. So, last minute, I plunged into writing 50,000 words in November with nothing but a vague theme. After starting and scrapping at least four or five different plots and sets of characters, I finally set the theme in the same world as Promise’s Prayer and gave the plot to Ellisia, the little sister of the main character of Book 1.

Yet the entire month was a struggle just to get words on the page. Plot problems abounded. I pushed through tremendous challenges and got the 50,000 words out. And ever since, it’s been a mess of editing, re-classifying (it’s no longer fantasy, and none of my books will be fantasy, but that’s a post for another time), re-editing, and now re-plotting and rewriting. Plot elements don’t want to fall into place. The ending is elusive. It’s been three and a half years of hauling this wagon uphill by hand.

So . . . what does keep me going?

  1. Wanting to publish future books in the series. Specifically, Sustainer’s Smile (Book 4), though Memory’s Mind (5) is also high on the list. I can’t wait to get Sustainer’s Smile out into the world, but first comes Victory’s Voice.
  2. The importance of the message. The power of spoken words isn’t widely addressed in this culture, and it deserves to be known.
  3. Most importantly, God. I believe this is a book He’s called me to write, and I will not let the enemy win.

That said, it’s still an uphill road.

A road that would be easier with a team to cheer. A team who loves my books. A team who periodically reminds me why I do this crazy thing called writing.

And that’s what inspired me to finally take the plunge and create Restful Readers.

(Never mind that I intended to do so two years ago but was afraid no one would be interested. I’m still a bit afraid of that, to be honest, but I’m doing it anyway.)

SO . . .

Introducing . . .

Restful Readers!

My brand new author street team! I’m excited about this and can’t wait to connect there. There are several options for joining; you can join one or all! We’re headquartered in a closed Facebook group, we’ll chat in a private Google Hangouts group, and there’s an email list – plus I’ll add a Goodreads group if there’s enough reader interest.

RestfulReaders (1)

Click Here to Join!

Restful Readers Is For You If:

You’ve enjoyed a book of mine and are willing to spread the word!

(Bonus if you’re looking forward to more books from me!)

What Restful Readers Get:

  • First Access to:
    • Short stories, tie-in Taerna stories, devotionals, and more!
    • ARCs (Advance Reader Copies – reading my books pre-publication)
    • Beta reading
    • Big news: titles, covers, ideas, and secret projects
    • Sneak peeks! Excerpts and perhaps even whole chapters
    • Sales, discounts, and free books
  • Bonus content: behind-the-scenes information, day-to-day glimpses of my writing process, freebies, and more
  • Exclusive contests
  • The opportunity to influence book content: vote on a poll, suggest a character name, and more!
  • Your name in print: shout-out in the acknowledgements section of my books
  • Your blog/social media supported and promoted on my channels
  • Fun, relaxing bookish chat!

What To Expect:

Periodically I’ll post “missions” for you to complete. I’ll let you know exactly what to do and what to expect, and I’ll make it as easy as possible for you to complete. I am motivated as an author by reader feedback. Supportive readers can push me through a few thousand more words!

I need both ongoing support and event support; that is, support leading up to and during a book release as well as ongoing support.

You can support my books any way you prefer, but here’s a few ideas to get you started. You’re free to do any of them at any time, and I’ll also periodically pick specific ones to highlight and simplify for you if you prefer to just follow along with me.

  • TALK TO ME. Ask me when the next book is coming out, say what you’re looking forward to, ask for writing updates, or just talk about my books in general. This motivates me to keep writing!
  • Leave reviews. Amazon. Goodreads. Your blog. Anywhere and everywhere. Extremely important for an indie author.
  • Sign up for my newsletter at restinglife.com
  • Word-of-mouth. This is the best way to help me get my books out there!
  • Like, comment on, and share my social media posts to help them reach more people.
  • Request that your library carry my book.
  • Beta read, or sign up for a blog tour or cover reveal.
  • Gift my books for Christmas, birthdays, or other occasions (buy directly from me).
  • Share your reviews. Tell other people why you liked my book.
  • Share others’ reviews or posts about my book.
  • Random shout-outs. Fangirl or fanboy over my books over the internet. Instagram my books.
  • Host me for an interview or guest post on your blog.
  • If you really love my books, get extra creative: post fan art, write fan fiction, make a YouTube review, have a Taerna-themed party, pester your bookstore to carry my books, read my book for a book club—the ideas are endless . . . basically make noise about the book!

Click Here to Join!

I’m excited to connect with my fans!

Your turn! Have you had a project as stubborn as Victory’s Voice? Do you have good support? What makes you want to read Victory’s Voice? Will you be joining Restful Readers?