The Thief, The Damsel, & The Dragon Cover Reveal

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Today I’m delighted to join with my my good author friend Angela R. Watts in revealing the cover for her latest summer contemporary romance novella! I haven’t yet read the book, but I’m always excited for new clean Christian books with content I can trust – especially romance, where “clean” seems to be quite rare even among Christian novels.

The Thief, The Damsel, And The Dragon Synopsis

“… the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.” ~ Psalms 91:13

Edward Prosner is going to steal from the small town mayor of Fall Springs, North Carolina. He’s got a flawless plan of action and is determined to return honor and justice to his father’s good name. The problem he faces? He needs a date for the mayor’s dinner party.

Lucy Levitt is a huge romantic at heart, but with her family’s ranch and her part-time job, she has no time for dating. She believes God will place her soulmate in her life when the time is right. When the new man in town asks her out, how can she say no?

The first date seems ordinary enough, but then they begin to realize that they can’t fight their dragons alone. 


Author Bio

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Angela R. Watts is a sinner saved by Yahweh’s Grace and she strives to glorify the King in all she does. She’s a homeschooled highschooler who lives at Step By Step Sanctuary, Tennessee, with her loving family and ranch animals. She’s been writing stories since she was tiny and hasn’t stopped since, though she also enjoys ranch and housework, painting, babysitting, and watching sunsets.

The Cover

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What do you think? From the cover and synopsis, is this a book you’d pick up? 🙂


Quest For Leviathan – Spotlight & Review

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Are sea monsters a real thing? What about fire-breathing dragons? According to the Bible, there is a fire-breathing sea creature who really existed: the leviathan. Amanda Tero brings this dragon to life in her newest short story, “Quest for Leviathan.” Join Anath and his crew of ninety-nine rowers as they face the waves of the Mediterranean Sea and the power of Leviathan.

About the Story

Leviathan took the life of his father.

Anath has spent three years preparing for the voyage that will end the threat of Leviathan. Yet as the Valor launches into the depths of the Mediterranean, an inward quest also begins, taking Anath to depths he is not willing to face.

Purchase an e-copy on Amazon or order a paperback.Add to your Goodreads shelf.

My Review
Though little is known about this time period, I greatly enjoyed the immersive and accurate historical feel of this Biblical fiction story. I could see the ship, feel the waves, and understand the characters’ motivations.

For such a short story, the backstory was well-developed and thoroughly presented. The reader fully understands Anath’s thought processes and feelings before the action begins. The action sequences were then portrayed well, and Anath’s spiritual struggle was gripping: I was on edge to know what he would decide. However, because of the complete backstory, I felt that the story ended a bit too soon – because Anath’s entire life purpose up to that point had been “quest for Leviathan,” I wanted to know what became of him – what did he do for the rest of his life and how did he handle any lingering negative feelings after the climax.

The Biblically accurate way in which Leviathan was portrayed was refreshing. The wise counsel and spiritual truth shared in the story was excellent. It did seem like Leviathan was too easily found when it was convenient, but perhaps that’s not inaccurate. Also, I loved the illustrations that set apart each individual section of the story.

Overall, this is an excellent short story I’d highly recommend.


Amanda is giving away TWO print copies of “Quest for Leviathan” to one winner — one for you, and one for your friend!
About the Author
Amanda Tero began her love for words at a young age—reading anything she could get her hands on and penning short stories as young as age eight. Since graduation, she has honed her writing skills by dedicated practice and study of the writing craft. She began her journey of publication with a few short stories that she had written for her sisters and continued to add to her collection with other short stories, novellas, and novels. It is her utmost desire to write that which not only pleases her Lord and Savior, but also draws the reader into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.
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Connect with Amanda

Plotting Kingdom Adventure Fiction

Today my genre, Kingdom Adventure, is featured at Indie e-Con, and I’m here as a guest speaker to discuss the unique flexibilities of plotting this genre. Watch below!

Links mentioned in the video:

Comprehensive definition of Kingdom Adventure:

List of Kingdom Adventure books:

My book, Promise’s Prayer:

Current status of future Truth from Taerna books:

Indie e-Con:


Leave a comment: what intrigues you most about Kingdom Adventure? Have you ever tried plotting this genre? What sort of Kingdom Adventure world would you want to create?

London in the Dark by Victoria Lynn – Book Review

Check out London In The Dark by Victoria Lynn

Plot: very good! I enjoyed the emphasis on personal interactions, character growth, and relationships – internal conflict and growth as well as the outer conflict with the “mystery.” Because villain POV snippets were interspersed in the story from the beginning, I figured out most of the plot twists and what was going on well ahead of time – so there wasn’t the suspense aspect present in some mysteries – but this didn’t lessen my enjoyment of the book. It felt fresh and interesting.

Writing quality and style: I felt that this detracted just a bit from the story for me, as there were some grammatical errors, some instances of showing where telling could have been better as well as instances where I felt the narration was too detached from the characters. Still, I’ve read a later work by this author where none of these issues were present – so I’m definitely hoping that was unique to this book.

Characters: I loved the everyday mannerisms that set apart the characters – all but Olivia’s habit of touching her neck. I’m sure it’s just me, but it seemed cliche. I loved how the details of daily life were described – the little happy things especially. For most of the book, I felt the characters weren’t deep enough – I didn’t relate to or sympathize with them. In the first several pages, Cyril was a shrewd detective, but then he seemed to lose all distinct personality and become a grump who kept acting and reacting the same way, over and over, throughout most of the rest of the book – I found myself wishing for more variation in his character rather than the same basic scene repeated in every circumstance. (If you must be a grump, be an interesting one!) The same with Dudley: he was so sweet and lovable, but almost too predictably so for the first portion of the book – but then there was just enough variation and depth to make him refreshingly interesting. Olivia took a bit to understand: she seemed quite relatable at first, then uncharacteristically emotionally demonstrative at the drop of a hat (I get she had good reason; it just didn’t seem in line with her previous character to me) – and finally, naive. It was the naive stage that garnered my sympathy again, though – it seemed much more understandable and natural that the previous emotional outbursts. In retrospect, however, I don’t believe she was as demonstrative as I had the impression she was while reading; she was still at least ladylike about it.

The message: amazing! I loved how God and faith appeared naturally in the characters and their lifestyles. So well done, relatable, natural, and touching.

The ending: I loved the epilogue! So sweet. It did, however, confuse me a bit because it occurs AFTER the events in book 2 of this series – so since it’s a series, I may not have wanted to know these events this soon. 🙂 Still, it was so wonderful and wrapped up the characters.

Content: some violence, not described

Overall – if you enjoy mystery, England, or the 1910s era, read this book! Highly recommended. 🙂

Indie e-Con Scavenger Hunt 2018 – Stop #20

Welcome to Stop #20 on the Indie eCon scavenger hunt! I’m Erika Mathews, and I’m hosting Sarah Allerding. Read through to find your Clue, then hop on over to the next stop linked at the bottom of this post.

If you just jumped in now, you can start at the beginning of the hunt here: Kandi J Wyatt. Meet Indie Authors and Collect Clues for a Chance to win the fabulous prize package listed at the bottom!

indie econ scavenger hunt SARAH

I am Sarah Allerding, the author of Rainland, which is a story about a fantasy kingdom of raindrops in the clouds. I am happy to be a part of the Indie e-Con this year. To help everyone get to know me better, I am going to talk about how I plot my books.

I don’t plot my books in any of the ways typically talked about among writers. I use an outline, but not in the way you probably think of an outline. I don’t use paper or a pen. Sometimes I may write down a few ideas, but most of my story is mapped out in my head.

I can see my story unfolding in my head like a movie, complete with color images. I can zoom in at different parts along the way and watch what is going on in a particular scene. If I need to change something, I put the necessary images right where they belong. For me this is a lot easier and quicker than typing or writing my ideas. I can form basically an entire plot for a story in my head in about half an hour. Then I store the story in my head while I write it out. As I write, I tell the story that I am watching in my head.

While this has a lot of benefits, it does have its drawbacks. I have to make sure that all the details I am seeing in my head make it onto the paper. Otherwise, the readers will miss something that I just knew in my head. That’s where the help of my beta-readers is very helpful. They are good at helping me find those spots that need a little more explanation to make sense.

I really enjoy coming up with the plots for my stories because I can use my imagination. I have enjoyed using my imagination since as long as I can remember. Now, I can combine it with writing and share the adventures I have with my readers.

Did you Catch the Clue? If not, here’s your final hint.

Scavenger Hunt Giveaway Package

Ace Carroway 2-Book Set (US only)
3 random ebooks from Indie e-Con authors
Cover Design by Alea Harper
Bookshelf Necklace donated by Rachel Rossano (US only)

Next scavenger hunt stop! Jonathan Francesco

Full list of scavenger hunt stops here.

Surprise! New Book!

Once upon a socially disadvantaged time, a hare and a tortoise lived in the world of non-human beings…

In celebration of Promise’s Prayer turning one year old this weekend, I’m releasing another book! This one is a short story collection full of whimsy and uniqueness that I had a lot of fun putting together. Hop on over to this post to read all about it!


The words of Aesop of Sardis, which came to him in the six hundred threescore and fourth year… 



Promise’s Prayer Turns 1 & Christian Paperback Sale!

It’s been a year since Promise’s Prayer was released!

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