About Written Rest

Written Rest is an outlet of a writer and editor. Written Rest is the authorly side of Resting Life, a participatory community for joyfully sharing real life, truth, and rest with God, each other, and you through live events, writing, video, and learning. Rest has been a theme in my life. Life is rest. Rest is life. To truly live is to be resting in the LORD. Since God has called me to write, Written Rest is a combination of that calling and that theme.

The purpose of Written Rest is solely the glory of God. If Written Rest ceases to glorify Him, may my pen lose its ink. In pursuit of that goal, the secondary purpose of Written Rest is to record and share material pertaining to the written word – a field to which God has called me.

It is a place for:

Book News
Book Reviews
Grammar Tips
Books I Recommend
Writing Snippets
Editing Updates
Connections with the writing world
Other miscellaneous posts

For posts specifically on spiritual matters, check out my other sites:

RestingLife.com (Website and Ministry Blog)
Life in the Son! (Archived Blog)

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