The Most Important Way to Support an Author

Promise’s Prayer has been published for two years! This calls for a celebration, so as a gift to you, I’ve reduced to the ebook price to less than a dollar for the week.
But I have something to share on the theme of Promise’s Prayer that’s far more important. If you can only help me on my writing journey in one way, don’t buy my books, review them, or even share them with others. Do this instead.

Life as a writer-mama of cute small people is full, including all the unexpected interruptions, sudden messes, and daily rearranged priorities.
Disappointments? Unmet expectations? Difficult people? Little pressures and struggles?
There’s a spiritual battle, and that spiritual battle is now.
We wrestle not against flesh and blood, the Bible says.
prayeriskeynote quote
And those powers and principalities we do wrestle against can only be fought through prayer.
Whether it’s focused prayer-closet prayer or little prayer-sentences spoken in the midst of daily tasks, prayer is the answer.

Prayer grounds us in the chaos. Prayer breathes peace in circumstances out of our control. Prayer reminds the enemy that he has lost.

answerstoprayer quote
With the two-year anniversary of publishing Promise’s Prayer this week, I’ve been pondering all God has been revealing to me on this theme over the past several years.
Victory’s Voice (Book 2) has been a struggle to write. It’s about the power of spoken words in the spiritual realm, a theme the enemy doesn’t want revealed, doesn’t want touching people and changing lives. In order to continue penning this message, I need prayer. I want God to write this book, not me. I want His thoughts, not mine.
In other words, I can’t write Victory’s Voice. It must be prayed into being.
Another theme in Victory’s Voice is the power of standing together in speaking against the enemy. Biblically, there is spiritual strength in numbers.
And so I’d like to ask: Will you stand together in prayer for me for Victory’s Voice?

THIS is the most crucial way you can support my writing. If you can only help in one way, do this. Don’t buy my books. Don’t review them. Don’t tell your friends about them. Don’t tell me you enjoyed them. PRAY.

bathedinprayer quote

For Victory’s Voice, pray that God will:

– reveal His message and truth
– bind the enemy
– develop the characters, especially Ellisia and Caeleb
– reveal the details of the plot
– infuse His power

For me as I write, pray that God will:

– keep me open, humble, and listening to Him
– give me endurance
– open my eyes and ears to receive from Him – especially Himself as my wisdom
– keep me meditating on His Word day and night
prayer moves the world quote

If you will pray with me, could you let me know? Leave a prayer emoji or write “Praying” in the comments, or feel free to message me if you prefer.

Let’s not let the enemy win!

2 thoughts on “The Most Important Way to Support an Author

  1. Praying for you, Erika! You’re absolutely right — God must write this book, not you. I’m praying that He gives you the right words to put down on paper, with His message shining clearly through =)

  2. I’m praying too! =)
    Psalm 90:17
    And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us:
    and establish thou the work of our hands upon us;
    yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.

    Liberty Bluebelle

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