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Welcome to Resting Life! For those whom I’ve not yet met, I’m Erika Mathews, author of Promise’s Prayer, editor, wife, mother, and Oxford-comma-user. Today I’m taking part in Sarah Holman’s Choose Your Own Story event to celebrate the release of her latest book, Escape and Endurance. In this event, you get to pick the outcome of the story by making choices. (How fun is that? I love stories, and I love controlling the direction of the stories even more!) A lot of different things can happen. If you just now stumbled across this exciting event, what are you waiting for? Start your adventure at the beginning of the story by clicking the image below.

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Already started the story and arrived here from previous choices? Here’s what happens next!


Without his horse, progress was slow. Sir Andrew. Such hardships were something that happened with knights. He would just have to do so. Not only would he continue on, he would find the princess and rescue her.

“Excuse me.”

Andrew turned around and was surprised to see a farmer leading a horse. The horse was being used to carry sacks of grain, but it was obvious that the farmer cared for him well.

“You are Sir Andrew?”

“Aye, that I am. Forgive me, I do not know you.”

The farmer took his hat off. “I’m but a humble peasant that you saved from a bear last year in the forest.”

“Aye, now I remember you!”

“Please, take my horse and continue your journey. I can see that you are in haste.”

Andrew thanked the man and told him he would return his horse. He turned the horse toward . . .

The Sea

The Forest







Click your choice above!


Are you interested in reading about a knight, a tower, a princess, and a servant? Pick up a copy of

Escape and Endurance! Haven’t read the other books in the Tales of Taelis series? Not to worry. Each book can stand alone.


About Sarah

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Sarah Holman is a not-so-typical girl, a homeschool graduate, sister to six awesome siblings, and lives in the great state of Texas. If there’s anything adventuresome about her life, it’s because she serves a God with a destiny greater than anything she could have imagined. You can find out more about her at her website:

You can join the Adventurers (her newsletter) by going here:



The Reluctant Godfather Relaunch Blog Tour


My friend Allison Tebo is relaunching her debut novella, and I’m happy to participate in the blog tour!

The Reluctant Godfather (1)

While I’m not big into fairy tales or retellings, I found this book to be a delightful exception: humorous, sweet, refreshing, and full of fun surprises. This was a fun story with an excellent twist that lent a breathtaking depth of message to the book. The characters were so craftily and wittily drawn – each one was personable and enjoyable. The naivety of Ella and blundering of Burndee was pleasant to read, and the masterful twists fully satisfied me. I was extremely happy with the ending, and the brief author’s note at the back perfectly wrapped up the story into something of true, eternal beauty. 


A humorous and magical re-telling of Cinderella from a unique perspective.

Burndee is a young and cantankerous fairy godfather who would rather bake cakes than help humans. A disgrace to the fairy order, Burndee has only two wards entrusted to his care…a cinder girl and a charming prince.

A royal ball presents Burndee with the brilliant solution of how to make his wards happy with the least amount of effort. He’ll arrange a meeting and hope the two fall in love.

The debut novella from Allison Tebo, ‘The Reluctant Godfather’ is a new addition to the charming fairy tale tradition of Cameron Dokey and K.M. Shea.

TRG, quote 1

Purchase on Amazon

or directly from Allison



Allison Tebo

Allison Tebo is a Christian author in her mid-twenties who loves to write fiction in every genre. It is her goal to write fiction that appeals to many different kinds of people by writing clean, classic fun. Her desire is to provide quality stories for every age to enjoy.

When she is not writing, Allison works as a sales associate for a major transportation company or might be found singing, painting, baking, or defending her championship title as Gif Master.







Copy of The Reluctant Godfather (1)


Giveaway Link



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Overrun By Your Love Winners!

Blog Tour - OverrunOverrun By Your Love has slipped out into the world, and I’ve enjoyed spotlighting it over this past weekend. Many thanks to the wonderful bloggers who joined me in this journey. Check out any blog tour stops you may have missed:

April, When Bluebonnets Grow Quote Image

  • Kelsey spotlighted my poem “April, When Bluebonnets Grow,” a poetic meditation on life and eternity.
  • Faith P. celebrated with a book spotlight.
  • Faith B. posted on her Blog Tour site.
  • ” . . . a beautiful little book.” ~ Kellyn, who amazingly scheduled a post despite having no internet for the week
  • Jaye, whose blog color scheme beautifully matches my book’s color scheme, hosted me.

Stand in the Gap image

  • Jessica spotlighted my poem “Stand in the Gap!” – a timely and sobering reminder for believers.
  • Elizabeth had me over on her lovely blog.

To Live is Christ Quote Image

  • “Some beauties in there.” Brie left a detailed review of the book as well as spotlighting one of my very favorite poems, To Live is Christ.


“…very enjoyable and encouraging to read…”

“…definitely a great read when you don’t want to read a huge novel and want something different.”

~ Goodreads reader comments


And now for the giveaway winners!

The winner of the ebook is . . .

Mikhail Rapoport, Jr.!

And the winner of the paperback is . . .


Congratulations to both of you! I’ll be in touch by email regarding your prizes. And thank you very much to all of you who entered.


If you haven’t checked out Overrun By Your Love on Amazon yet, you can do that here. And if you’re waiting for the paperback, the good news is that it should be on Amazon by the end of the week – stay tuned for news on that!


Overrun By Your Love Book Release & Giveaway

Blog Tour - Overrun

I am so excited to announce that Overrun By Your Love, my collection of inspirational poetry, has now been released! This book has been in the works since I wrote my first poem at age four, and I’m thrilled to finally have this collection to share with the world. Join in the excitement with the giveaway, sales, and freebies below, and don’t forget to check out the other blog tour stops this weekend.

The ebook is already available for purchase. The paperback should be live on Amazon in a few days or a week – I had a few technical difficulties with the cover color and have just been able to order a second proof copy – so I’m waiting until that arrives and I can guarantee that everything looks perfect for you!

Meanwhile, check out the giveaways and the ebook!

About the Book

2 Cor 4

kindle cover overrunImmerse yourself in a lyrical, artistic story older than time: the story of the kingdom of God.

Receive encouragement and refreshment in your spiritual walk with a collection of poems on our awesome God, trusting God, family, God’s creation, special occasions, and ministering Christ.

Inspirational and joyful poetry hones in on Biblical truth in a meditative manner.

Purchase on Amazon

Add to Goodreads

Read About the Author

Sales and Freebies!

To celebrate this release, Promise’s Prayer is on sale for just $0.99 for the ebook this weekend starting today, and Gather ‘Round the Fables is FREE! Click here to find links to snatch up both of them.


Click here to enter to win Overrun By Your Love in paperback or ebook!

overrun quote 2nd verse

Tour Schedule

July 19
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Kelsey’s Notebook // Book & Poem Spotlight
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Brie Donning // Reality Reflected // Book Spotlight, Book Review, Poem Spotlight
July 24
Right here at Resting Life // Tour Wrapup & Giveaway Winners

Social Media Shout-outs: Angela Watts, Victoria Lynn

Release Date, Cover Reveal, Preorders, & Media Tour!

Good news for those of you looking forward to another Erika Mathews book release! Several pieces of news, to be exact . . .

  1. I have a release date for my book of inspirational poetry, Overrun By Your Love – and it’s only one week to wait! July 19, 2018 is the big day when the release will be live.
  2. I’m excited to reveal the lovely cover today, designed by Aesthetically Designs. It’s just perfect for this book. I love everything about this cover: the waterfall picturing how we are “overrun” by God’s love – abundantly more than anything we could imagine; the figure on the bridge abiding in that abundance; and the contrast between the brightness and joy of being filled with the fullness of God and the darkness of the world around us.

kindle cover overrun

3. Overrun By Your Love is now available for preorder! You can order the Kindle ebook now and it will be automatically delivered to you on July 19 (and sometimes even a bit early!). Click here for more details.

4. I’m hosting a Media Tour to celebrate the release of this book! But I need your help to spread the word. If you have a blog or a social media account where you’d be willing to share about this book’s release, please fill out this form. There will be a special giveaway just for those who join in the Media Tour and spread the word about the release!



Christmas in July Kick-off!

A group of authors have banded together to offer you an entire month of Christmas specials! That’s right – it’s Christmas in July! Amanda Tero will be releasing a Christmas story this month, and EVERY DAY this month an author will be posting a sale or a free book special as we shower you with Christmas gifts. What’s more, there will be two grand giveaways – one for U.S. and one internationally!

Christmas in July Blog Party! For Unto Us PNG

Personally, I’ll be releasing a book of my own on July 19 – two of my books will be on sale for just 99 cents and one will be free! Here’s a sneak peek of what else is coming this month.

July 1, 2018
Author Sarah Holman
Free: Distorted Glass

July 2, 2018
Author A.M. Heath
Giveaway: Where Can I Flee?

July 3, 2018
Author Faith Blum,
Giveaway: Audiobook redemption code

July 4, 2018
Author E. Kaiser Writes
Spotlight: new cover

July 5, 2018
Author Amanda Tero
Free: Noelle’s Gift

July 6, 2018
Author Ryanna Lynn
Discount: Free shipping for Coffee Shop Christmas

July 7, 2018
Author Alicia G. Ruggieri
Discount: The House of Mercy e-book

July 8, 2018
Author Sarah Holman
Discount: Emmeline

July 9, 2018
Author A.M. Heath
Giveaway: In the Shadow of Thy Wings

Author Kelsey Bryant
Discount: Suit and Suitability ebook

July 10, 2018
Author Kelsey Bryant
Discount: Second Impressions ebook

July 11, 2018
Author Rachel Rossano
Discount: The King of Anavrea ebook

July 12, 2018
Author Amanda Tero
Free eBook: Hartly Manor

July 13, 2018
Author Kate Willis
Free eBook: Enjoy the Poodle Skirt

July 14, 2018
Author Kendra E. Ardnek
Vlog and Giveaway: The most romantic fairy tales

July 16, 2018
Author A.M. Heath
Giveaway: Out of the Ashes

July 17, 2018
Author Rebekah Morris
Discount: The Unexpected Request
Free: Choices for Max

July 18, 2018
Author Emily Ann Benedict
Discount: Perception, a Vintage Jane Austen Novel

July 19, 2018
Author Erika Mathews
Discount: Promise’s Prayer ebook, Overrun By Your Love
Free: Gather ‘Round The Fables

July 20, 2018
Author Ryana Lynn
Blog post: character interview.

July 21, 2018
Author Rebekah Morris
Sale: to be announced

July 23, 2018
Author Amanda Tero
Discount: Journey to Love, Befriending the Beast, The Secret Slipper

July 24, 2018
Author Rebekah Morris
Blog: Special upcoming release announcement

July 25, 2018
Author Emily Ann Benedict
Giveaway: The Father Christmas Confessions

July 26, 2018
Author Faith Blum
Blog: Special upcoming release announcement and book sale

July 27, 2018
Author Alicia G. Ruggieri
Discount: A Time of Grace: The Complete Series
Blog: Spotlight on new book

July 28, 2018
Author Abigayle Claire
Giveaway and discount: Andora’s Folly

July 30, 2018
Author Alicia G. Ruggieri
Discount: The Mystery of the Missing Cufflinks

July 31, 2018
Author Amanda Tero
Giveaway and new release: “Finding Christmas Joy”



Three Paperbacks
A Christmas Disaster by Rebekah Morris
A Holy Passion by Alicia G. Ruggieri
The Worth of a King by Kendra E. Ardnek

Six Ebooks
Martin Hospitality by Abigayle Claire
Andora’s Folly by Abigayle Claire
Coffee Shop Christmas by Ryana Lynn
Books One and Two in the Father Christmas Series by Emily Ann Benedict
Overrun By Your Love by Erika Mathews

Two Audiobooks
Sufficient Grace by Jessica Greyson
Emmeline by Sarah Holman

Three Other Goodies
“Christmas Is a Gift” CD by Amanda Tero
$5 Starbucks gift card from Amanda Tero
Trust and Obey notebook from Faith Blum

Enter the Grand Giveaway here!



Eleven Ebooks
Finding Christmas Joy by Amanda Tero
Noelle’s Gift by Amanda Tero
Hartly Manor by Amanda Tero
Coffee Shop Christmas  by Ryana Lynn
A Holy Passion by Alicia G. Ruggieri
Martin Hospitality by Abigayle Claire
Andora’s Folly by Abigayle Claire
The Worth of a King e-ARC by Kendra E. Ardnek
Books One and Two in the Father Christmas Series by Emily Ann Benedict
Overrun By Your Love by Erika Mathews

Five Audiobooks
The Unexpected Request by Rebekah Morris
A Mighty Fortress by Faith Blum
Be Thou My Vision by Faith Blum
Sufficient Grace by Jessica Greyson
Emmeline by Sarah Holman

Enter the Grand International Giveaway here!


Stay tuned for all of this month’s exciting Christmas celebrations!



The Thief, The Damsel, & The Dragon Cover Reveal

blogger (1)

Today I’m delighted to join with my my good author friend Angela R. Watts in revealing the cover for her latest summer contemporary romance novella! I haven’t yet read the book, but I’m always excited for new clean Christian books with content I can trust – especially romance, where “clean” seems to be quite rare even among Christian novels.

The Thief, The Damsel, And The Dragon Synopsis

“… the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.” ~ Psalms 91:13

Edward Prosner is going to steal from the small town mayor of Fall Springs, North Carolina. He’s got a flawless plan of action and is determined to return honor and justice to his father’s good name. The problem he faces? He needs a date for the mayor’s dinner party.

Lucy Levitt is a huge romantic at heart, but with her family’s ranch and her part-time job, she has no time for dating. She believes God will place her soulmate in her life when the time is right. When the new man in town asks her out, how can she say no?

The first date seems ordinary enough, but then they begin to realize that they can’t fight their dragons alone. 


Author Bio

author pic (4)

Angela R. Watts is a sinner saved by Yahweh’s Grace and she strives to glorify the King in all she does. She’s a homeschooled highschooler who lives at Step By Step Sanctuary, Tennessee, with her loving family and ranch animals. She’s been writing stories since she was tiny and hasn’t stopped since, though she also enjoys ranch and housework, painting, babysitting, and watching sunsets.

The Cover

Screenshot 2018-06-07 14.26.39


What do you think? From the cover and synopsis, is this a book you’d pick up? 🙂