There’s a New Collection in Town!

Hi folks! Today it’s time to announce Hope (My Theme in Glory Book 1), a collection of short stories and poems crafted by a number of amazing authors from The King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp! It’s now available to purchase on multiple platforms!

The admins of the camp, who put this collection together, asked me to edit and format it for them, so I had the privilege of reading each story early on – and I also contributed a story to the collection. If any of you are Truth from Taerna fans, you won’t want to miss Whose Hope He Is, a short story about the Ellith family that falls in between Victory’s Voice and Surrender’s Strength.

About the Collection

Hope,” I thought. “What a small word for such a big thing.”

The broken world groans. Oh, for a beacon of light! Where is something to live for—to kindle the spark of excitement, to calm the heart, to impart love, joy, and peace—and perhaps to shine the light of God’s glory on earth as in heaven?


In these twenty-two sweet stories and poems, experience the dawning of a sure, unfailing hope. Join a plethora of relatable characters young and old in their journey through the heights and depths of suffering—a cancer diagnosis, a shocking accident, the loss of a dear family member. Wrestle with the agony of a missing loved one, an unavoidable mortgage, or a tough move. Experience the ache of rejection and loneliness, misunderstanding and oppression, and illnesses both physical and mental. Yet in the midst of each heartache winds a strong, undying cord of hope—that light in the darkness, that beacon, that anchor of the soul. As you smile, cry, and sigh through each heartfelt piece, perhaps you too will grasp ahold of your own hope again.

For our God is our glorious Hope.

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My review

So many lovely stories and poems comprise this collection! I enjoyed each one.

Jae Fisher wrote a picturesque poem about A Personification of Hope that begs the reader to stop and linger over the descriptions.

Kearra R. Mattson’s story, Hope’s Treasure, is a sweet little piece about a girl who wished for a sibling.

Missing, Not Dead, by Karlissa R. Mattson explores hope when a deployed soldier is reported missing. Will they ever hear from him again?

A Man and a Brother by Angie Thompson is a companion story to her series! I enjoyed the descriptive writing of a dramatic and high-stakes encounter where lives are at stake.

Choices by P.D. Atkerson is another companion story to the author’s series! While short, I enjoyed the glimpse of how hope was kindled in two hearts – one in this life and one eternally.

Katja H. Labonté’s story, Sing a Song Again, is so full of human emotions and struggles and hardships – and the hope that can enable one to endure despite them. I was inspired by the real struggles and beautiful words of truth in this story. And the themes were lovely.

Keeping Up Hope by Rebekah Morris was a sweet and funny story of two little children who misheard something important and did their best to help their family avoid imminent calamity in their own simple, innocent, honest way. I enjoyed the refreshing simple style of this story.

What Matters Most by Aurora Currier – what a beautiful story of hope this modern retelling of the parable of the prodigal son was! The words wove a vivid picture in just a short space.

On Wings of Hope by Deigan Marie is such a sweet story about a young aspiring author who submits and story and her journey of hope and fear throughout the days waiting for its acceptance or rejection. I truly enjoyed this little gem of a story!

What beautiful description is found in Martha Abilene’s story Wordless Hope! The characters feel real and the message so aptly illustrated in the most interesting way as a woman with a lisp struggles with knowing how to comfort her relative about to give birth. This story is one to be reread again and again.

Have Hope by Jovey L. is a dramatic tale of a girl coping with her best friend’s greatest tragedy. Her struggles and fears and heartache leap off the page and the writing is engaging.

Sea of an Unknown Future by Savannah Dawn Marie is a beautiful, heartfelt prayer in poetic form on hoping through and in the unknown.

His Embrace is a poem by Clarissa Choo that delves into the experience of losing and finding hope. What gorgeous words that express the depths of human emotion and divine love.

Dare to Hope by M.L Milligan is a very historical-feeling story alternating viewpoints between the main character and his blade. Can anything save the people?

Jacie T.’s story Her Name Was Hope is a lovely short story about why a mother named her daughter Hope. I enjoyed the heart put into this story!

Looking Up by Olivia Godfrey is a historical story about hope in a marriage that is lacking. What beautiful lessons this story has!

Whose Hope He Is is my story – it peers into the lives of the four Ellith children as they have a picnic on a beautiful afternoon and wrestle with their heartaches.

Chelsea Burden’s story The Meaning of Resurrection may have been my favorite of the entire collection! The message of wondering how one can write about resurrection when her heart is dead – and the struggles that accompanied the question – resonated with me, and I loved the gorgeous poem included in the story!

Courtenay Burden’s historical fiction piece A Hope to Trust is such an elegant vintage story about a little boy whose toy is broken, and a girl whose heart is broken because the world is broken and Papa has the Plague that is plaguing everybody – and about a very wise doctor who knows just what to say and do – and what not to say and do – to impart valuable truths to both girl and boy. This story was another that I especially enjoyed!

Hope Assured by Brooklyn O’Brennan is a pensive story about hope in the face of death. I appreciated the valuable lessons presented in such a soft, inviting way through the story – right along with the character.

Look to the Wildflowers by Tiffany Michele is a story I look forward to reading again. An artistfinds her skills “blocked” and visits her grandfather in hopes of unraveling her problems – but she find so much more – a connection with her grandmother, a connection with God, and hope.

Redeemed by Brooklyn Kramer is a gorgeous allegory of life in God and His kingdom. I enjoyed the picture the author paints of our life and the hope we have in Him.

Give this collection a try and be encouraged in the Lord.

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