Top 5 Books for 2021! {Five Fall Favorites 2021 Day 6}


Welcome to the last day of Five Fall Favorites, a week-long book party hosted by Read Another Page and I with party “rooms” at various literary blogs! Each blog had a different theme for the day and each blog shared five favorite books each day in a specific genre.

Things are winding down at the Literary Lodge – giveaway winners will be announced as well as other exciting happenings. But today we have a special treat for you: free and cheap books – including some of my books! So be sure to read to the end to find them.

Today’s theme is top five books I read in 2021 (so far)!


It’s a gorgeous fall day here by the lake, and here in the Boats room we have a variety of rowboats for your use as we go through these books. So hop on board, grab an oar . . . and let’s push off from the shore. Ripples echo against the sides of the boats, tiny whirlpools swirl away in the deep blue as oars rise and fall, orange leaves hover on the surface, and sunbeams glitter in a thousand reflections off the water.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the crisp air as we wind down our week . . .

The Kneeling Christian by An Unknown Christian 

Every believer needs to read this book.

It gives a picture of prayer that we need to grasp. It inspires the reader with a glimpse of heavenly perspective. Our God is faithful. Are we praying?

Glad Tidings: A Flash Fiction Advent Calendar by Angie Thompson 

These short stories are such heart-grabbers! In just a few words, the author not only sets the scene but gets us into the hearts, heads, and shoes of relatable, life-like characters. Christmas spirit permeates this book, and so many angles are touched upon in this story: Christmas in a poor family, Christmas in hospitals, working on Christmas, tender moments between family members, Christmas through the eyes of children, Christian with the elderly, Christmas festive and Christmas bleak, Christmas historical and Christmas modern, Christmas in fields and Christmas in feasts. Hope, love, joy, peace, and purpose shine from these pages. Don’t miss this collection!

Fellowship of Light series by Chelsea Burden 

Exquisitely-drawn characters, gorgeous vintage writing, an intriguing plot, wonderful spiritual themes, and a beautiful story-voice. Don’t miss this first installment in The Fellowship of Light series!

Thirty Days Until Thirty by Sarah Holman

I loved this short story! A woman is counting down the thirty days before she turns thirty with special things each day.

Anything (King’s Daughters Story Collection, #1) by KDWC authors

What a heartwarming, deep Christian collection! I enjoyed each story so much. Character depth and thought-provoking life truths proved to be the stars of this collection. I smiled, sighed, and sympathized as I read each story. Prepare to be encouraged!


It’s time to row the boats back to shore. I certainly enjoyed our time here on the lake. Be sure to check out the other rooms, and don’t forget! Many books are FREE or 99 CENTS today! Head over to to find the full list.

And now for the giveaway! Click the below button/image to FIND OUT WHO WON this awesome stack of five books, the fall tote bag, and the Amazon gift card!


Thanks for coming to Five Fall Favorites! What were YOUR top five reads this year?

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Books for 2021! {Five Fall Favorites 2021 Day 6}

  1. Yes, I love Glad Tidings!!!! I can’t wait till it’s just a little closer to Christmas so I can read it again. 😀
    I’ve read the last two books, and the Fellowship of Light series is already on my TBR list.

    Thanks so much for co-hosting this event with me! I’ve enjoyed all your posts and book recommendations! Now I just have to find time to read. 😉

  2. I read The Kneeling Christian for the first time this year, and next to the Bible, it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. Definitely recommended for every Christian who wants to go deeper in their prayer life!

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