Surrender’s Strength is HERE!

IT’S RELEASE DAY! My new novel Surrender’s Strength (Truth from Taerna #3), a new Christian kingdom adventure novel by Erika Mathews, is now available! You can pick up the paperback and ebook on Amazon here


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Her only ambition is keeping her old familiar identity. 

But she isn’t given that choice.

Ever since her mother’s death, all Laelara wants is to keep doing what she’s good at: managing the household. She definitely isn’t interested in higher education. When she’s sent to the city to further her schooling, Laelara finds herself caught up in a case of mistaken identity that seems like the perfect opportunity to avoid the despised Academy. Amid the whirlwind of new friends, new jobs, and the glitzy social life of the Palace District—particularly the trivia contests—her double life becomes more and more precarious. For the first time in her twenty years, everything spirals out of her careful control: her family’s security, her job, her friendships, and her very identity. With her lifelong purpose and identity stripped away, to what will Laelara surrender, and where will she find the strength to persevere?

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I’m thrilled to release this book. Laelara’s story of surrender, control, and identity is a needed tale, and I can’t wait to see how God touches lives through her story.


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If you haven’t started the journey into Taerna yet, grab Promise’s Prayer!

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