Victory’s Voice Wrap-Up

What a wonderful launch Victory’s Voice had! If you missed the fun, this is THE place to go to catch up. Everything is summarized succinctly for you right here!

First, today is the LAST day to enter the #VictoryContest and win an ebook of choice. Send me a photo or digital image with the word “Victory” in it somewhere to be entered (email me, comment on this post, or post it on social media and tag me).

The paperback is available now and it’s gorgeous and you probably want it.


Now for the fun!

Book Reviews

It was hard to put it down, because it held the suspense so well from the beginning to the end that I was always tempted to read “one more chapter.” [read more]

Book review by Sheep Among Wolves Publishing

Promise’s Prayer impacted by prayer life; Victory’s Voice impacted my Bible reading! <33 [read more]

Book review by Old Fashioned Book Love

This story as well touched me and impacted me spiritually so quickly that I am looking forward to the third book to see what it will do. [read more]

Book reviews by Living Outside the Lines

All-in-all, just a really good book! I wish more authors would write like this, actually having “meat” to their stories instead of all fluff and filler! [read more]

Book reviews by Tower in the Plains

Character Spotlights

However, the more he appeared on page, the more he developed a personality of his own that threatened to take over. [read more]

Caeleb’s spotlight, shared by Read Review Rejoice

Jolyn was created along with another Academy student, Ryna. [read more]

Jolyn’s spotlight, shared by Tower in the Plains

Her conversations, mannerisms, and dialogue were the most natural thing in the world, and perhaps the easiest and most fun part of writing Victory’s Voice.  [read more]

Wyn’s spotlight, shared by Little Blossoms for Jesus


[W]hat would you pick if your author let you change one element in your story/plot/world, whether a technological advance or a plot twist or a social reality you live with each day?

Oh, there are so many things I think I’d want to change! But in reality, even the difficult parts of my life have proven a blessing, and I’ve learned and grown so much through them. Even the hardest things I really can’t say I’d exchange for anything. As for technological advances, it would be helpful if someone would . . . [read more]

Interview of Carita, shared by Sheep Among Wolves Publishing

One of my favourite things about you, Wyn, is your deep love for Adon Olam. Can you tell us what is your favourite thing about Him is?

Wyn: Oh, I like discovering all the ways He likes to surprise His children! Whether it’s . . . [read more]

Interview of Wyn, shared by Little Blossoms for Jesus

Kylie: Do you have any books you are looking forward to reading in 2021?
Erika: I am looking forward to reading . . . [read more]

Author Interview by Kylie Hunt

Excerpt and Spotlight

The entire world was nothing but glowing, blossoming, enchanting words. [read more]

Book Excerpt shared by Jenavieve Rose

Have you ever read Mrs. Mathews? If so, what book?

Book Spotlight shared by Ryana Lynn

Thank you to all who participated – and thank you, readers, for being here! You are why I publish.

Stay tuned for the cover reveal and preorder info on BOOK THREE – coming THIS MONTH! If you’d like to apply to beta read any of the other Truth from Taerna books, click here.

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