Read Truth from Taerna books for free

Greetings, friends! I’m at an exciting stage of writing the last four Truth from Taerna books – the point where I need readers to give feedback in advance of publication!

I’m opening up the opportunity for you to apply for the chance to read any or all of these books for free. Once you sign up and are accepted, I’ll send you the book(s) of your choice with 5-7 specific questions on areas I’m looking for reader feedback on. Your job? Read the book and give me your thoughts, comments, and feedback on it!

I’ve decided to open up all four books for signup! Choose the one that sounds most interesting to you, or several, or all of them! Reading the other books in the series is not required – they are loosely connected standalones. More information for each book (length, content, genre, and more) and the signup form can be found at the links below:


Surrender’s Strength (#3):
I hope to have this ready to send in September.
What happens when a young woman with a passionate hatred for all things academic is mistaken for a rich countryside orphan?
Laelara’s always been in charge, and she’s always liked it that way. She’s been able to manage her family’s financial and farm struggles quite successfully on her own terms. But now she, the girl who despises academics, has been sent to Academy. Can she stay on top of the many new challenges awaiting her in Syorien? An unexpected boost from a new friend places her in an advantageous position, but she can’t seem to figure him out. When the job she covets is challenged, she’s able to work the situation to her advantage—but when accusations of false play are leveled at her, can her own plans stand? More worryingly, if her double life is discovered, will the life she’s worked so hard to build for herself come crashing down—and endanger her entire family? In the midst of life’s crushing issues, to what will Laelara surrender, and where will she find the strength to persevere?
Click here for info and signup for Surrender’s Strength.

Sustainer’s Smile (#4):
I hope to have this ready to send in September.
A helpless newborn . . . that’s exactly how twenty-four-year-old Liliora Ellith feels in her efforts to speak up on behalf of the youngest members of Taerna’s pleasure-driven society. Her tender heart for the defenseless and deep aversion to conflict throw Liliora’s soul into turmoil when tragedy opens her eyes to the quiet yet heartrending war on Taerna’s babies—both born and unborn. Adon Olam’s word coupled with a secret in her own past fuel her determination, but the challenges ahead of her threaten to send her spiraling into hopeless depression. At the very end of herself, can her own utter insufficiency be anything less than the catalyst for complete disaster?
Click here for info and signup for Sustainer’s Smile

Memory’s Mind (#5):
I hope to have this ready to send by the end of the year.
Behind his big brown eyes, Kelton holds a lifetime of secrets. When the sudden death of co-king Daemien throws all Taerna into turmoil, Kelton’s memories prove crucial and his hyper-analytical skills essential. But will his quiet, home-loving soul crumble under the pressure of intense public scrutiny? And why does he disappear for two hours every day?
Click here for info and signup for Memory’s Mind 

Romance’s Rest (#6):
I hope to have this ready to send by mid-August or September.
Kethin Ellith knows the meaning of love. After all, he loves everyone, be it person or animal, and everyone loves him. The whole town knows he can choose any wife he likes. But only one has captured his big heart, and winning her seems entirely impossible. In the midst of rejection, grief, and longing, a much bigger question faces him: does he truly know what love is? And what is this new concept he keeps encountering, covenant relationship with Adon Olam? As his struggles in this new relationship with Adon Olam intertwine with the struggles of his heart, Kethin comes face to face with the reality of life itself – and a decision that costs him everything.
Click here for info and signup for Romance’s Rest

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