The Resting Life Book Is Released!

IT’S HERE! Today, the message that God first placed on our hearts ten and a half years ago is available as a book. Reaching this moment has been more work than I’d ever have imagined, and yet on every step of the journey, God has taught me so much more about Himself.


A resting life is truly the life He designed for us…and as you read this book, I pray you may receive the depths of resting life that He has for you. My prayer is that the entire world would know and embrace the fullness of His glorious rest!

I’ll be doing a live video on Instagram at 3 PM CST in which I’ll announce the giveaway winner and answer questions about the book, my writing process, rest, or any other random question you’d like to ask. Join me there!

Welcome to the shelves, Resting Life: Jesus’ Rest for the Busy or Burdened Believer!

You can pick up the paperback and ebook on Amazon here.

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  • Click here to read the first chapter for free!
  • Buy the paperback or ebook here. And if you do (or if you preordered), let me know what you think! Leave a review! Post your thoughts on social media and tag me!
  • Watch the Rest Study highlight on Erika’s Instagram profile for a chapter study of the book.
  • Check out the short Hebrew and Greek word studies on different words that mean “rest” on her blog or Instagram.
  • Catch up on the Resting Life challenge.
  • Join the Live Q&A at 3 PM CST today on Erika’s Instagram!


Resting Life Front Cover 2.8.20

Can your busy, stressful reality can truly transform into the abundant, restful reality of the kingdom of God? The Bible says yes—but how can Biblical rest can seamlessly fuse with your modern life? Bible teacher Erika Mathews addresses this question. Discover the unification of rest with practical daily life, relationships with others, spiritual warfare, ministry, witnessing, prayer, meditation, fruitfulness, and personal abiding. Through understanding and embracing God’s rest, you too will be uplifted, challenged, encouraged, and freed to live life as He intended—within Him.

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Erika Mathews is an author and editor who lives in the farm country of Minnesota with her husband and children. She’s a homeschool graduate with a Bachelor’s in Communications, a Master’s in Biblical Ministries, and a passion for sharing Jesus Christ and His truth. When she’s not working with books, she enjoys reading, outdoor activities, piano and violin, organizing, and using the Oxford comma. You can connect with Erika at









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