Resting Life Book Launch Kick-Off!

Hello friends!
We are deep in the release for Resting Life: Jesus’ Rest for the Busy or Burdened Believer, and so many exciting and encouraging launch events are happening! Thank you so much for your prayers and support for us! Only 18 days until this book hits the shelves!
If you’d like to follow along on the countdown to release or join in the fun, there are several ways to do that:
  • Pray. Most importantly, talk to God about the book launch. Pray that He will bring the book to those who need it. Pray for His blessing on the release and His kingdom to go forth and prosper.
  • Spread the word. If you’d like to share online about the book but don’t have the time to put together a social media post or blog post or email to send to your friends, we’ve got you covered! Let us know here and we’ll send you some premade post options (complete with links and images!) ahead of release day. All you have to do is copy, paste, and post! This is a need we have that we’d be delighted if you could fill!


  • Join the Resting Life Photo Challenge on Instagram. Simply use the day’s prompt to make a post directly or indirectly related to that prompt – your choice! Each post will be a giveaway entry to win a copy of the book and a related prize pack.

  • Join the Rest Contest. Post a unique or creative photo that includes the word “rest” somewhere and use the hashtag #RestContest. There will be awesome restful prizes!

  • Follow along with the Resting Life Daily Word StudyEach weekday will focus on a different Hebrew or Greek word meaning “rest.”

  • Watch the Chapter Study videos. Each weekday until release day, Erika will post 2-5 minutes of video teaching on key concepts in the chapters of the Resting Life book. Follow along on Stories on Instagram or Facebook.
  • And don’t forget you can preorder the book here.

We hope you have a blessed and restful March! Keep looking unto Jesus!

Can your busy, stressful reality truly transform into the abundant, restful reality of the kingdom of God? The Bible says yes. Through rest in Christ, your life can be fulfilled, productive, peaceful, and free to give and receive love.
But just what is Biblical rest, and how can it seamlessly fuse with your modern life?
In Resting Life: Jesus’ Rest for the Busy or Burdened Believer, Bible teacher Erika Mathews addresses this question. Discover the unification of rest with practical daily life, relationships with others, spiritual warfare, ministry, witnessing, prayer, meditation, fruitfulness, and personal abiding. Through understanding and embracing God’s rest, you too will be uplifted, challenged, encouraged, and freed to live life as He intended—within Him.
Preorder today, and the book will show up automatically on your Kindle or Kindle app on March 20!
Ebook preorder
Did you know you can preorder the paperback too?
Signed paperback preorder


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