Paperbacks, unexpected cats, and news!

✨Guess what’s here! ✨ Gather ‘Round the Fables has a paperback version! 🦊

The interior has undergone an overhaul and it’s so beautiful.

To celebrate, I’m holding a special preorder sale! For just $5 (plus a small shipping fee if you’re not local), you can hold your own autographed copy! It’ll be $6.50 on Amazon, so click here to reserve your preorder copies now!

(Or if you’re doing your Christmas shopping early, it’s small enough to make a fun #stockingstuffer!)

You all have shown so much love to the ebook version! If you’ve left a review, thanks so much! I can’t believe this little book has been so well-loved and brought so many smiles.

While heading to the mailbox to pick up the book, a friendly cat decided to walk with us. I think Cat liked the fox.

Follow me on Instagram for more pictures and videos, including live video of the walk down the driveway with the cat and opening the package.

More books are on their way, so let me know if you’d like one!

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