Five Fall Favorites: Top Five for 2018


Welcome to the last day of Five Fall Favorites, a week-long book party hosted by Read Another Page with party “rooms” at various literary blogs! Each blog had a different theme for the day and each blog shared five favorite books each day in a specific genre.

Things are winding down at the Literary Lodge – giveaway winners will be announced as well as other exciting happenings. But today we have a special treat for you: free and cheap books! So be sure to read to the end to find them.

Today I’m hosting the Blankets party room, and today I’ll be sharing my top five reads from 2018: my favorite books I’ve read so far this year.blankers

Pick your favorite blanket from one of these baskets here and join me on the swings.

The creaking of the chains blends with chirping of birds and the gentle whispering of the breeze, bringing a definite autumn chill. I wrap my blue and white crocheted blanket more firmly around me as readers select their blankets and find a seat.

Bitter Winter by Jaye L. Knight

This book is set to be published in the next month or two, but I had the privilege of beta-reading it. I can confidently say that this book has been my favorite so far this year. It’s Book 5 in a series, and, though I’ve absolutely loved every book so far, this one may be my new favorite. This is an amazing, beautiful, deep book. It’s just what a story of believers ought to be. Sarah Holman beautifully summed it up in her review: “I think the reason that these books mean so much to me is they are so true to life while being a good escape.” It’s full of tragedy, clinging together, trying to solve issues in one’s own strength, and the all-encompassing, all-sufficient power of God. There are no words to describe the depth and beauty of this book.

Rise and Shine: Routines and Recipes for Your Morning by Megan Scheibner

This non-fiction title is packed with useful guidelines for streamlining your morning and organizing your schedule. Practical, useful, and written by a mother who knows what she’s talking about, this book was very helpful in creating routines for my family and priorities for my life. I highly recommend this book.

Midnight Justice by Patience Royale

This is a new release by an author with the potential to go places. God has truly gifted this author with an astounding gift for description, and I can definitely see Him publishing many more excellent books through her! Midnight Justice is a gripping page-turner that weaves together themes of love, forgiveness, justice, revenge, and redemption in a riveting and sweet story of drama and adventure in a Western setting. Breathtaking descriptions and vivid characters leave the reader sympathizing, sighing, and rejoicing by turns as the author leads step by step on a journey of destiny.

October by J. Grace Pennington

This is a beautiful story – the type that’s refreshing to read, even through its depth and sadness. The simplicity, the straightforward storytelling, the normal characters, the magic and beauty of the little things of everyday life, the slowly blossoming friendships, the struggles to receive truth and reject lies, the underlying tension of a private, unshared life, the questions and uncertainties – everything about this story was beautiful.

Even though I usually prefer third person POVs, first person was perfect for this book. I so loved navigating the story through Emily’s immature yet discerning eyes. Nothing about the plot took me by surprise – I could see the ending coming – but it flowed so well and was right for this story. The predictability enhanced my enjoyment rather than depleting it. The description was excellent – I could see and feel everything as it happened. The scenes were set just perfectly, without unnecessary detail yet with attention to little things that made each moment completely realistic. The underlying reliance on God and the need for Him was also well presented and bestowed true depth and meaning on this story.

Content warning: self-harm, thoughts of suicide, and mental illness are all discussed. It’s very gentle and discreet, but this is definitely an adult book.

The Worth of a King by Kendra E. Ardnek

Packed with vivid characters, plot twists, dragons, and intrigue, The Worth of a King fascinates the reader with a unified blend of theme depth and imaginative fantasy in a memorable journey for both characters and readers.

I had the privilege of beta reading/editing this book, and it is indeed a “worth”-while title for your bookshelf. Characters, drama, intrigue, plot depth – this book has it all. First, can we take a moment to once again admire THAT COVER? Alea Harper did an amazing job and captured the themes of the book in a work of gorgeous, amazing art.

The story of Worth starts with a common premise: there’s a throne, and there are people who need to ascend to the throne. More than one, so who will get it? What’s more (surprise, surprise), the unassuming peasant isn’t who he thinks he is. Yet it very quickly branches out from that ordinary starting place with unique twists and amazing character development.

The Worth of a King is told from all three points of view: Adrian’s, Obsidia’s, and Delaney’s. This provides a unique feel to the story and a relaxing, immersive pacing that allows us to identify with each character and fully understand the story. Personally, I loved being able to track events through each person’s viewpoint and put the pieces together one by one.

I loved the climax and conclusion – the way it was written and portrayed with all three points of view; the way it built and built and everything came down to one perfect God-moment; everything. Go read the book and see for yourself.

The theme of the book is the worth of a king. While I’m still pondering all the nuances of the meaning of this phrase, I will say it’s the perfect title for the book. Indeed, this theme is thought-provoking, and, though it may raise more questions than it answers, I count that a positive benefit. After all, the best books don’t even pretend to answer every question and give every moral; rather, the best books spur personal thought and meditation. And The Worth of a King is one of these books.


The swings’ creaks still echo as the relaxing motion lulls us all to silence. The sun begins to slip behind the lake, and quietness envelops the countryside. Purple, gold, and pink reflect off the water, and yellows and reds on the treetops fade to dull oranges and browns as the sun descends. Gradually crickets and frogs begin to fill the silence, and one by one, stars peep out from the growing blackness. Blanket around my shoulders and book in hand, I relax. Autumn is without question my favorite season, and this week of fall books at the Literary Lodge has been one to remember.

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Have you read any of these books? What did you think? What are your top reads from 2018?

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13 thoughts on “Five Fall Favorites: Top Five for 2018

  1. “Midnight Justice” is the only book I’ve read on your list today. 🙂 The descriptions in it were wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing all these books this week, Erika! I’ve loved coming to your blog each day and being drawn into whichever room you were hosting. 🙂
    *wraps my quilt of autumn colors closer about my shoulders as the breeze off the lake freshens and the chilly nip of fall blows my hair*

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