The Enchanting Rose: 11th Annual Tea Cup & Mug Exchange

Each year, Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose hosts a delightful tea cup and mug exchange for ladies from all over the world with the goal of forging new friendships. This year, I was blessed that Olivia invited me to participate – it was truly a lovely event, one that I’m grateful to have been a part of.

Once the signups were in and Stephanie assigned us our tea cup partners, what fun it was to create a package of surprises for the recipient! I was assigned to Sarah, and it was delightful to discover the many things we have in common, including our shared love of the color blue.









Once the package was in the mail, anticipation of meeting the other exchange partner set in. Stephanie thoughtfully matches ladies up with two different partners – one to mail to, and one to receive from – thus granting the opportunity to cultivate two new friendships.

And then a gorgeous package appeared in my mailbox from Ruth!

Inside was a beautiful array of items.

A teacup, practical as well as lovely, in my favorite shade of blue. As I’ve used it, I’ve appreciated the sturdy construction as well as the gorgeous color. It’s so petite and yet strong!

Tea with mint. I’ve never tried this kind before but look forward to it. I do love mint teas.

A watercolor painting, made by her sister. Aren’t the colors and the verse lovely?

Fall kitchen towels. I love both blue and fall, so these are perfect.

Thank you so much, Ruth! And thank you, Stephanie, for your excellent and efficient organization of this event!


If you’re interested in participating in future tea cup exchanges, you can sign up to be notified of the next one here. The experience was delightful and certainly one I’d recommend if you’re able to participate.

Do you have a favorite tea cup?


37 thoughts on “The Enchanting Rose: 11th Annual Tea Cup & Mug Exchange

  1. Awe, love your goodies. What precious treasures. I have truly enjoyed the exchange as well. So glad I popped over to visit. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Lovely post! I enjoy the exchange as well and am visiting your blog for the first time! Beautiful blue tea cup. Different, unique and special- just as we all are! ~Tanya

  3. My dear Erika, what a delight to see the goodies you sent and received. Everything is simply beautiful and I can tell both packages were put together with lots of love and care.

    I am ever so glad you joined the fun…thank you! Hugs and blessings to you. Stephanie-The Enchanting Rose

  4. How fun that both of you love blue! I love the blue teacup you got it is definitely very practical and beautiful too! So happy to meet you today as I travel around visiting all of the lovely tea cups given and received!

  5. “Do I have a favorite tea cup?” Yes I do actually. 🙂 Many years ago, while living in Canada I would visit with the elderly and one particular Christian lady would allow me to choose a tea cup from her China cabinet to have tea in as we visited. I would choose this particular tea cup every time. Well, when our family was moving back to the states, she gifted me with that very tea cup and I still have it sitting in a very special place so that as I look upon it, I am reminded of her and her precious love towards me. That was the beginning of my tea cup collection.

    Hi Erica! I’ve come for a visit from my dear Stephanie’s Tea Cup reveal party and its so nice to “meet” you.
    You have received some lovely gifts and what a wonderful tea cup in a gorgeous color.
    Enjoy your treasures ♡

  6. Blue is one of my favorite colors too! The shade of the mug you received is so pretty. This was my first time taking part in the exchange, and it has been so wonderful. I will definitely be participating again!

  7. I was just admiring the lovely goodies that you sent Sarah on her blog. The wonderful package that you received from Ruth has me singing the blues!

  8. I think we all had such fun with this swap and now we’re reliving the fun by being able to visit each other and admire all the treasures that were given and received. How fun that both you and your partner love blue (me too!).

  9. How wonderful all the things you received are! Love the shade of blue of your tea cup and the tea. I’ve come to really enjoy adding mint to just about all of my tea. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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