GiraffeCrafts: All Things Indie Author

Last month I participated in the Indie e-Con at the blog of Kendra E. Ardnek. It was an amazing and action-packed week filled with helpful articles on the writing and publishing process, videos, watching authors write live, games, contests, podcasts, and much more.

Now Kendra’s launching a new website for the purpose of helping Indie authors:



GiraffeCrafts is a company dedicated to the promotion of good, clean Indie Fiction. The main site isn’t up yet – stay tuned for that later this month, but for now you can check out the blog where Kendra will be posting writing advice (because half the battle in marketing is having a book worthy of reading) as well as advice for editing, publishing, and marketing. Do stop by for visit – and consider becoming a contributor or joining the blogger and reviewer teams. Read all about the new website here.
Also, Kendra’s hosting a giveaway this week, and she’s giving away a blog tour package! Join the giveaway here

I loved giraffes as a child. Almost as much as I enjoyed crafts. Which is almost as much as I now enjoy writing and editing Indie books

If you’re an author, editor, cover designer, or reader of Indie fiction, you can also connect with GiraffeCrafts on social media:
Blog ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Pinterest ~ The Rough Giraffe (podcast/online radio show)

Let’s play Spot the Giraffe. It’s like Spot the Typo While Editing. Only giraffes are already spotted… 


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