What is Promise’s Prayer? 10 Answers


Five days until Promise’s Prayer!

As many of you know, my Christian novel, Promise’s Prayer, releases in just five days.

In the midst of all the preparations and excitement, I wanted to take a minute to dive more deeply into what this book is.

What’s Promise’s Prayer?

image-2Book one in Truth From Taerna.

Christian fiction. Not fantasy. Not science fiction. Not historical fiction. Something in between – a completely realistic story set in a fictional world.

Squeaky-clean and family friendly: no magic, violence, or romance

The result of a desire to portray Truth as it applies to our lives in a fictional setting where the small struggles of our souls are portrayed as cultural struggles.

The answer to the question, “What if I were to write a saving-the-world book with a Biblical twist?”

The fruit of much meditation upon the importance of prayer in the life of the believer and the firm conviction that prayer IS the work.

The result of a notebook filled with scribbles regarding government structure, geographical features, character descriptions, plot points, villain motivations, name braindumps, scripture verses, and other notes

The labor of thirty days for the first draft and many months for revisions and edits

The chronicles of Kaelan and Carita’s journeys – one through restless longing for adventure and one through crippling fear of man

A testimony and witness of what God has done in my life, as so many scenes and statements floated onto the page not from my mind but from His Spirit that lives in me


What do you hope to see in Promise’s Prayer?

Come back tomorrow for a more detailed look at what’s coming in Promise’s Prayer! And don’t forget to preorder for Kindle today!


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