Crannig Castle Character Spotlight: Connor


Check out my previous post for more information on Crannig Castle. Today is the last day Books 1 and 2 are free, so grab them today from the links in the previous post!

Connor Spotlight

Physical Appearance: Brown hair, gray eyes, tanned skin. Strong, but not super muscular-looking.

Age: Late teens

History: Like most of the slaves in Calhortz, Connor has been a slave since birth. He worked as a field hand and is essentially alone by the time we meet him. That is, all except for Ariela. He met Ariela when she arrived at his plantation at age twelve, and has looked out for her ever since. He is naturally rather discontent with the condition of the Calhortan people, and not exactly trusting of Briznom’s willingness to help, but he is more than willing to fight for freedom himself.


Author’s Notes: I didn’t plan Connor. I said hello to Ariela, and then Connor walked over, her friend, her protector…her boyfriend? Yeah, I shipped them right away. The POV character in that scene suspected something right away too. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with Connor, but I enjoyed what I did. He’s a really good guy, even if he is a trifle hot headed when it comes to the subjects of freedom and allies, and his heart is definitely in the right place. I like him. And maybe someday I’ll write a short about him and Ariela.

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