Five Years of Bookania: Character Interview

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Ladies and gentleman, writers, editors, and readers of all ages: today we have here with us a special guest with a very special gift from a very special world out of a very special book series (Bookania) penned by a very special author, Kendra E. Ardnek. Please join me in welcoming Prince Richard of Refrence (known to his friends as Dick)!

Dick and Theo

He’s graciously agreed to answer a few questions about himself and his world. Dick, thank you for joining us here today. I understand that your gift is the ability to define any word and use it correctly. What’s your favorite word and why?
Friend. Unlike my brother, I prefer smaller words with more meaning, rather than big words with less. Friend is such a large, powerful word, another person who wilt stand by thy side through thick and thin. I also enjoy the fact that, if thou removest the r, it becomes “fiend” and has essentially the opposite meaning.
That’s truly fascinating, and that’s a great favorite word with both depth and richness. So – tell me the funniest or most exasperating story regarding you and Doranna, with her habitual misuse of words.
I try not to talk to Doranna. It almost never ends well.
Really. (laughing) I can see that, I suppose.
I occasionally find her insistence of “fiend” instead of “friend” amusing … but for the most part, it’s just frustrating to listen to her misuse the English language. I think the most exasperating thing she ever did was the time she decided to give up on words entirely and speak only in numbers. I don’t remember how long that lasted.


Oh my. Sounds like a mess. Moving on from Doranna, you have a brother whose gift is using big words. You always know the meaning and the context of the word, but have you learned new words (the words themselves) from him? If so, what is it like to learn a word for which you already know the meaning?
He does frequently use new words that I hadn’t heard before. It isn’t so much that I know the meaning of every word, but I can define any word. There is a subtle difference. When I hear a new word, I know not its meaning immediately, but based upon context, etymology, and some other strange factors that I can’t quite explain, I can work out the meaning within moments. It’s a disorienting few moments, but it usually doesn’t last very long. 
That makes sense. One of the unique side effects of your gift. That would be an interesting skill to possess.
Unless of course, I learn a new word from Doranna. For some strange reason, everything she says is a real word, just in a completely wrong context. It took me a week to work out the meaning of “wombat.” 
Wow, that would be confusing. On the topic of confusion in language, when Bookania speech switched from older English to more modern English, what was that like for you? How did you adjust?
It has been disorienting. The new grammar has had a similar disorienting effect on me as new words, only worse because things that have always been wrong before now seem right, and some aspects of grammar that were right are now very wrong. And some words have lost meanings, and others have gained meanings. I refuse to give up the proper usage of “you” – plural nominative, but I have had to concede many of my old speech habits. 
Enna, for some reason, has already forsaken the old way of speaking entirely.


For most of us, the change didn’t happen like that. We had generations to slowly change. Have you ever thought about writing a dictionary or thesaurus?

Oh, I do have a dictionary I’ve been working on. Theo has a thesaurus.
Wonderful. Using your gift to give a gift to the world. Sounds like a big task, though. Moving on beyond the topic of your gift, what do you appreciate most about your fiance?
Amy has many endearing qualities, but I think what I appreciate most is her incorrigible spirit. Hers was a terrible childhood, and she received little love, but it didn’t stop her from becoming the kind soul she is with such a zest for life.


That’s wonderful. I’d love to get to know her better. As far as your titled position, what does your role as prince involve?
Since I’m not the crown prince, mostly following my brother around and translating him.
Great. (laughing) I’m sure that makes for an interesting life. It’s been a pleasure having you here, Prince Richard, and many thanks for dropping by. Ladies, gentlemen, writers, editors, and readers of all ages, we’ve been chatting with Prince Richard of Refrence. If you haven’t been introduced to his story yet, check out these books that are currently free on Amazon:
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Thank you for stopping in for Five Years of Bookania! You can check out the rest of the party at – including some fun giveaways!
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3 thoughts on “Five Years of Bookania: Character Interview

  1. I can fully understand the irritation with people using the wrong words. Though in my case it is my younger siblings. And I find Doranna’s “friend” – “fiend” usage, excessively amusing.

  2. I loved this. It’s nice to see inside the head of some of the minor characters. Sometime it seems that they don’t have a lot of personality, but that’s just because we don’t see them much. And words are wonderful.

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