Samara’s Peril Book Review & Excerpt!

If you’ve read my multiple posts on Resistance, The King’s Scrolls, and Half-Blood, you know my passion for Jaye L. Knight’s Christian fantasy series Ilyon Chronicles. 

Book Three in the series, Samara’s Peril, is the best installment yet.


We get to revisit all of our favorite characters from previous books, following them on new adventures and through new hardships, struggles, daily life, and joys. We get to walk beside them as they learn and grow, make mistakes and repent, struggle and rise, face danger and experience joys.

Jace’s character, in particular, grows tremendously in this book. From the first chapter, Jaye L. Knight sets the stage for a complex and involved plotline that takes us through some of the darkest and brightest times in Jace’s life so far.


Advisory/Content Warning: There’s a very short scene that involves torture, but nothing too descriptive and it’s kept quite brief. It also proves to be essential to plot development. There’s also an impulsive kiss.

What I Liked:

Elon. This part of the story was so deep, meaningful, rich, and personal. Without giving away the story, I will simply say that I have seldom or never seen this aspect of an allegory done so well. This storyline alone caused Samara’s Peril to shine above and beyond other books of its type.



Jace. His character growth, personal growth, and social growth all expanded tremendously in this book, and it was a delight and a joy to read.

Rachel and Elanor. Looking for sweet, delightful (yet very human and realistic) female role models? Look no further. I can’t wait to see more of these two in future books.

Jace and Kyrin. Need I say anything more? I appreciated how the two of them had equally important yet different roles in the first part of the book – and how they worked together after that. Despite one impulsive mistake on Jace’s part, I sincerely enjoyed how the two of them developed throughout this book. It’s sweet, touching, uplifting, and exciting to see them walk forward step by step in Elom’s plan for them.


King Balen. Now this is what a true king should be like. His behavior, attitude, and outlook on life are refreshing.

The professional, descriptive, and highly-polished writing style. Even the beta reader copy I received originally showed marked evidences of highly-refined grammar, style, and content. As an editor, I find this refreshing to read and it adds significant quality to the book. This is a well-crafted story in all respects.


Daily life in camp. The glimpses and scenes of life in camp were a joy and delight to read. With the constant perils of Resistance and The King’s Scrolls, we don’t get to see much ordinary life in camp, but in Samara’s Peril, several delightful glimpses of camp life provide a refreshing change to the dangers. I also enjoyed the Altair family interactions.

Realistic actions, reactions, emotions, thoughts, and feelings. It was easy to identify with the various characters.

Kyrin’s birthday. 🙂

Warin and Lenae.

Jace and Elon!

Timothy preaching.

Jace with Kyrin and Rayad towards the end – and Jace speaking truth and life.

Emotions. There’s joy and delight in simple pleasures, as well as excitement, tender moments, thrills, love, and peace. There’s depth of spiritual relationship. There’s danger, suspense, tension, fear, hopelessness, doubt, despair, stress, anger, and hatred – all portrayed and handled excellently.

Prayer. I mention this last on this list, but it was very important to me. There is more of an urgency of fervent prayer in this book than previous books. The relationship with Elom is becoming very real and personal.


What I Liked Less:

While I didn’t dislike anything about this book, I didn’t care for a certain torture scene. I also was disappointed with Jace in making an impulsive mistake near the end of the book at a pivotal point, but at the same time, I did enjoy seeing his character increase as he realized his error, apologized, and moved forward with true kindness, consideration, wisdom, and gentlemanliness. I also found one of the plot endings to be a bit bewildering, but there were enough “good endings” to wrap it up and leave me with a sense of satisfaction. And despite these few things, Samara’s Peril remains my favorite of the entire series and ranks near the top of my all-time favorite books.

What Else You Might Like:

Epic battles
Intense suspense during the mission
New characters
Surprises and plot twists


Overall, I highly recommend this book. Hop on over to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iBooks and pick it up to celebrate release day! If you haven’t discovered Ilyon yet, pick up Resistance on Amazon. I assure you that the series is well worth it.

Samara’s Peril Excerpt!

A couple of hours later, Kyrin set one of the finished loaves on the table to cool. She had just turned to get another when the door opened again, letting in a string of excited male voices.

“—see that?”

Kaden walked in first, laughing a breathless chuckle fueled by adrenaline, and flashed a grin at Talas.

The crete shook his head. “I thought for sure you were going down!”

Kyrin could tell by their windblown hair that they had just come from flying, likely another training session for their group of dragon riders. They worked with them nearly every day. The laughter and conversation died, however, when Kaden met their mother’s probing gaze.

“What’s this about going down?”

Kaden’s gaze shifted to Kyrin, looking for support. She lifted her brows. If he was being daring and foolhardy, he wasn’t going to get any support from her.

His attention returned to their mother. “Ah . . .” A sheepish grin came to his face that Kyrin remembered him using as a child to cover up wrongdoing. “It’s nothing… I was just practicing a new maneuver and there was a little incident. That’s all.”

“Right.” Their mother nodded at Talas. “If he thought you were going down, that sounds serious.”

Kaden looked over his shoulder at Talas, probably hoping he would downplay the whole thing, but the crete merely shrugged, a mischievous twinkle in his bright green eyes. Turning back to his mother, Kaden insisted, “Really, I was fine. Exsis wasn’t going to let me fall.”

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One thought on “Samara’s Peril Book Review & Excerpt!

  1. Nice review! The writing was beautiful. I loved King Balen too! I can’t wait to see more of him. Warin and Lenae! I can’t believe it, but it seems so right. I want to see more of them.

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