Announcing the Sequel! And You Get to Decide!

You asked for it, I listened. This month, I’m writing a sequel to Promise’s Prayer!

Victory’s Voice

Seventeen-year-old Ellisia always loved books. That’s what she is thrilled when Caeleb invites her to attend Academy in the capitol city of Syorien. But when inner turmoil and dark violence begin to sweep through the city, Ellisia is forced outside of her books and caught up in a critical battle between light and darkness. A hidden gift grants her power she never knew existed – but it is this very Power that threatens the destruction of her family. Torn between her love of learning, her outspoken tongue, and her own emotional well-being, she faces the greatest crisis of her life – and a momentous decision with far greater impact than she could realize.



And for those of you who have read Promise’s Prayer or are familiar with it, I need your opinion. Because Victory’s Voice occurs nine years after Promise’s Prayer, Carita and Kaelan are grown and have family(ies) of their own. But here’s the question – would you like to see them married to each other or to someone else?

Let me know what you think by voting in the poll!

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BONUS! If you have an idea for Victory’s Voice (regardless of whether or not you’ve read Promise’s Prayer), leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to incorporate as many of your ideas as possible!

What are your thoughts on Victory’s Voice? Let me know in the comments!


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