Calling All Beta Readers!

It’s time for an update on Promise’s Prayer! My proof copy came in the mail, and I’m thrilled. Despite the formatting and editing tweaks still needed, it’s coming along quite nicely. I’m excited to finally hold a copy of it in my hands.

Promise’s Prayer follows Kaelan, a young man tired of the quietness of home and bent on “saving the world” from a downward spiral of lawlessness and fleshly pleasure, through his attempts to fulfill a promise made to his dying mother. Meanwhile, Carita realizes that she possesses the key the country needs, but she continually battles with crippling fears, inadequacies, lack of position, and the challenges of daily life. Will they come through for Taerna? Or will something else?

Kaelan. His eyes are not this dreamy.

Kaelan’s the adventurous one. He leaped off of the pages and took over the book before I knew what he was doing. He just won’t sit still. The picture above is of an indolent, pampered, stay-at-home sort of Kaelan, which is not the Kaelan I know. He looks like the above picture minus the dreamy, contented look. He’s action. He’s adventure. He’s for being the hero.

Author secret: There were times that scenes appeared on the page that I had NO INTENTION of writing. And it was only through severe effort that Kaelan is behaving as well towards Carita as he is…

Fun fact: Kaelan’s favorite food is sweet potatoes. I just found that out a few minutes ago.

Adventure versus quietness. Fulfilling promises. Sheer determination. Saving the world. Or…not. 

If you’d like to beta read Promise’s Prayer, just fill out the form below. It’s about 68,000 words/215 pages long. It is written for teenagers and young adults but is suitable for all ages. A strong Christian theme is present throughout the story. There is no magic, romance (though perhaps a sequel…? :)), or violence, though deaths do occur. I will send out Part 1 immediately and would like all feedback by the end of October.

Thank you very much!


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