Promise’s Prayer: Your Turn to Read!


Promise’s Prayer is now in full-fledged editing! The next step is to send it to my beta readers – and if you’d like to join that list, I’m currently accepting sign-ups. Just use the form at the bottom of this post to make your request.

If you’re new to Written Rest, Promise’s Prayer is my novel set in the fictional country of Taerna. It follows Kaelan, a young man tired of the quietness of home and bent on “saving the world” from a downward spiral of lawlessness and fleshly pleasure, through his attempts to fulfill a promise made to his dying mother. Meanwhile, Carita realizes that she possesses the key the country needs, but she continually battles with crippling fears, inadequacies, lack of position, and the challenges of daily life. Will they come through for Taerna? Or will something else?


Adventure versus quietness. Fulfilling promises. Sheer determination. Saving the world. Or…not. 

And now, just for you, some snippets!


A farmer stood in the doorway, waiting for her to speak. She swallowed twice and forced her mouth open. “Good morning.” Her voice sounded as frightened as she felt. Her mind raced, desperately trying to think of what to say. “Might I help—that is, may I offer you—” She paused, her hands clenching nervously. Her eyes darted here and there. Why had she not thought this through more carefully before she came?

The man sighed impatiently. “No,” he said, “We don’t need anything you can give us or do for us. We don’t need a maid.”

He shut the door, leaving her standing there. Slowly she turned and shuffled back to her own home. How had she thought she could get through to him? She couldn’t even tell him what she wanted.

How was that possible? She determined that she would think harder the next time before trying anything of the sort.

She was too afraid. There was no way she could even meet the rest of the neighbors, let alone help them. What could she do?

Yet the voice came strongly to her. Love. Serve. Pray. Persevere.

She must go, she told herself. What had become of all the joy she felt yesterday? She—must—go.

She couldn’t go.



Kaelan looked around curiously. The kings certainly did live in style and in the height of pleasure. Lush curtains, heavy with velvet, hung at the tall windows. Servants, much more well-dressed than one would expect even in a palace, stood in every corner, ready with refreshments, music, entertainment, drinks, fans, games, and anything else one might in the least desire. The carpets and curtains were a bright red. The room was spacious and airy.

The kings were engaged deeply in important pleasure, a pompous servant informed Kaelan. Kaelan would be required to await their leisure if he desired an audience. No, he could not say how long that might be. It might well be a very long while, depending on what entertainments the kings were currently engaged in. The servant would enter the visitors’ names on the kings’ lists, and if the kings could not attend to them that day, they must return the next.

As the man retreated, Kaelan looked after him with a disgusted frown. “Is that what a king’s man is today?” he muttered to Caeleb. “A disgrace to the name?”



Kaelan watched in dumbfounded amazement. “This happens continually,” Caeleb whispered, “Constant entertainment, constant pleasure.”

“All day long?” he demanded, “Free shows? Free music? Free food and drink? No wonder the kings have the people under their thumbs.”

“Hush,” Caeleb warned, “It is ruining them. It is causing them to have ridiculously high expectations for such things. It is dulling their minds and giving them a distaste for reality—for daily life. And so they try to ignore or erase every part of reality that does not line up with this. They are creating a false reality. When people’s appetites become used to continual sugarplums, they will never again eat fruits and vegetables.”

Copyright 2014 ERW.


If you’d like to beta read Promise’s Prayer, just fill out the form below. It’s about 68,000 words/215 pages long. It is written for teenagers and young adults but is suitable for all ages. A strong Christian theme is present throughout the story. There is no magic, romance, or violence, though deaths do occur. I will be sending out Part 1 of Promise’s Prayer beginning in just a few days. Ideally, I’d like all feedback within two weeks, though I can be flexible.

Thank you very much!

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