NaNo Excerpts and an Update

“I’m afraid,” she whispered to herself shiveringly. “I’m afraid. I’m so afraid.” She could feel it from the tips of her fingers to the tips of her toes. A choking sensation gripped her heart, and she lay rigidly under the blankets.

“You’re a high-and-mighty good-for-nothing who thinks she can come in and be Miss Goody-Goody and win friends—just so they can bend to your whims and further your plans.” Her bitterness slipped slimily and drippingly through her voice. “Well just who do you think you are. You’re nobody. You’re an orphaned pauper. Your Adon can do nothing with you. You think you can do something grand; well, you can’t.”


Yes. I finished NaNoWriMo. I reached 50,000 words. On Day 18. Upon which I promptly set a new goal of actually finished my book in November. And on November 29, I finished the last scene of my book and reached 66,328 words.

I wrote for a total of 20 days during November. There were 10 days when I didn’t write.

My least wordy day was Day 14, with 234 words. My most wordy day was Day 1, with 10,350 words.

And now I’m editing.

And spell check doesn’t like a few words from the above excerpts. What do you think? Should I use them anyway or change them? What should I say instead?

  • Shiveringly
  • Drippingly

Vote in my poll below, or leave a comment with your opinion!

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