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As part of Jaye L. Knight’s blog tour for her new book Resistance (available for purchase on Amazon),  seven of Resistance’s characters have agreed to be interviewed. As the seven of them signed up for interview appointments with seven different interviewers, I was matched with Kaden, the twin brother of the heroine Kyrin. (Read Kyrin’s interview here.)

I was excited. From reading Resistance, it was evident that Kaden was everything a brother should be: loyal, caring, protective, bold, admiring, courageous, and very close to his sister. Kyrin is who she is due in large part to who Kaden is and his relationship with her. For ten years, Kyrin and Kaden have only each other while studying and training at Tarvin Hall. Therefore, I looked forward to meeting Kaden himself.

And today is the day! In just a few minutes, Kaden should be coming in. An easy chair awaits him. I wait, my recording device ready with backups nearby. I can’t miss anything he has to say.

A knock sounds. “Come in,” I call. The door handle twists; the door creaks; a young man – probably around seventeen or eighteen years of age – peeks in.

During the handshaking and greetings that follow, I observe him curiously. So this is Kyrin’s twin – the one who defies emperors, loves living in the woods, and has a stubborn streak in him. Does Kyrin look just like him? I offer him a seat, wishing I had longer than a simple 15-minute interview to get to know him.

He abruptly grins at me. Suddenly I’m almost afraid of him. He remembers a lot. He reads people very well. What is he seeing now? I decide I’d better get on with the interview (Kaden – blue; me – green).

Good to meet you at last, Kaden. I’ve heard so much about you. 

Oh? I hope not from Tarvin Hall. He cocks an eyebrow. Great to meet you, too. Are you the one conducting the interview today?

Yes – that’s me. Well, since we only have a few minutes, let’s get on with the questions.

A grin appears. How do you know I want to answer them?

Come on… of course you do. Anyway, Jaye won’t be happy with you if you don’t. She’ll make you. 

Oh really? She can’t make me do anything – I only let her think she can. Really I do what I want and make her write it.

Ha ha. Okay. But let’s get started. First, let’s start out with talking about your relationship with Kyrin.

He smiles wistfully, obviously glad that I decided to begin with this topic.

Anyway, what do you like most about being a twin and what do you appreciate most about Kyrin? 

Being twins and so close kind of gives us this connection. We don’t even have to say anything sometimes to know what the other is thinking or feeling. We just know each other that well. Kyrin especially, with the way she can read people. She knows me so well that sometimes I think she knows what I’m about to do before I do, which can be good if I’m about to do something stupid. She’ll always try to talk me out of it. I appreciate that, even if it doesn’t seem like it in the heat of the moment.

What do you think of the fact that your sister judges situations and her responses by how you would act? (I mean. in new situations, she frequently thinks, “What would Kaden do?” “What would Kaden say?”) What is it like to have that kind of respect from and closeness to her?

That’s cool that she would judge things by me, and kind of surprising. She’s better at keeping her head than I am. As much as we’re the same, I guess we’re good at balancing each other out. I don’t know what either of us would be if we hadn’t had each other growing up. I don’t think I’d like the man I’d be if she wouldn’t have been there. The fact that we are so close and she respects me and looks to me for protection makes me a better person. I don’t like disappointing her.

You’re a good brother. Now what about your relationship with King Elom. Tell us about your personal relationship with King Elom, how it has grown, and what is most important to you about Him.

I’m still working on it. I don’t always live my faith like I want to. I’ve only been a believer for a little over a year, so I’ve got a lot of growing yet to do. I think Kyrin is ahead of me there, but it is very important to me. At least now I know there’s a greater purpose to my life than just getting through the days. When I used to go to the temple, before I knew of Elôm, and pray to the emperor’s idols, even as I a child, I knew it wasn’t making any difference. That’s what’s most important to me—knowing Elôm can hear me and is actually working in my life.

That’s wonderful. He certainly is working in your life. Next question – what has been the most important or momentous time, event, or experience of your life so far?

Definitely when Kyrin and I had to leave home and live in Tarvin Hall. That has changed everything. We were only seven, so we didn’t have much time to experience what it was like to live with family. I mean, most children know what it’s like to grow up learning from their parents and deciding what they want to be as adults. We were taught by people who were a bunch of strangers at first and had our futures decided by people we haven’t even met. There’s nothing normal about that.

That’s for sure – I can’t even imagine. That must tie in with why you have always wanted to live in the woods. What is it about living in the woods that most appeals to you? Can you describe this part of your dreams a little more?

I want the freedom. Seems to me you could be your own person off in the woods. I’m tired of being surrounded and constantly monitored by people who want to control me and what I do. There’s not much fulfillment in just doing what everyone expects of you. I’d like to create my own life. Build a cabin, farm, have a family. You know, actually have something that’s mine. Something I could build and work for. I just want to get as far away from the city and its expectations as I can.

I can relate to that. Well, we’ve come to the final question of this interview. If you could offer one piece of advice or life tip to people in general, what would you say?

Don’t blindly follow society. It’s rarely right. It might not make you popular, but always do what you know is right. It’s not easy sometimes, but it’s worth it to be the person you know you should be instead of the person everyone else wants you to be.

Right – be the person Elom wants you to be; the majority is always wrong. Thanks for that. Well, I’m sorry we don’t have more time to get to know you, but thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions. I know that King Elom has great things for your life and I can’t wait to see what they are!

Thank you. Not a problem – I enjoyed the little trip from Tarvin Hall. It’s all right there, but it’s so nice to have a change. The rituals and training of the emperor get to you, you know. See you later – and keep standing for Elom!

Then he’s gone. But as I pick up Resistance once more, I know that his life, young as he is, has already been inspiring to many and will be to many more.


Read Kaden’s story when you buy Resistance on Amazon. Check out Resistance and Jaye L. Knight at her Author Blog, . To learn more about Resistance and the Ilyon Chronicles, visit The Ilyon Chronicles and The Ilyon Chronicles Series blog. Connect with Jaye through her Facebook Author Page, the Ilyon Chronicles Facebook Series Page, Twitter, Pinterest, her Google+ Author Page, her Google+ Series Page, or YouTube.


5 thoughts on “Resistance Blog Tour: Interview with Kaden

  1. What a clever character interview! Thanks so much for posting this, I really enjoyed it 🙂
    Blessings, Kara

  2. You did a fabulous job setting up this interview, Erika! So clever. 🙂 And you asked some great questions! I loved the brother-sister bond between Kyrin and Kaden, and it’s neat to learn more about Kaden’s thoughts on that. Thank you for being part of the tour!


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