Captive of Raven Castle: Book Review

Not the cover.
Only a cover idea – by Jessica Greyson

Why on earth must it haunt me! He is NOT MY FATHER! I WON’T LET HIM BE. I won’t, I won’t!”

Captive of Raven Castle, by Jessica Greyson, is an adventure story of a young naïve girl caught up in national problems, quite apart from her own choosing. This thrilling story, set in the medieval-like fictional world of Chambria, is filled with ups and downs, tension, drama, suspense, intrigue, disguises, plot twists, character growth and change, deception, spies, danger, courage, love, loyalty, and sacrifice. The ordinary, everyday times in Raven Castle contrast beautifully with the dangerous times. The spiritual dimension is beautifully portrayed with prayers occurring here, there, and everywhere, for the main character depends on God continually. With no one else to depend on, to whom can she turn?

Her character development is excellent. She grows, changes completely, and then becomes exactly the same girl she is originally – only in a much different, more mature, and better way. Although her stubbornness causes clashes with Taleon, the atypical relationship between the two of them provides interesting humor at times as well. Taleon is a well-portrayed supporting character. His patience, loyalty, kindness, gentleness, strength, courage, boldness, bravery, and love steady and strengthen the story.

The storyline moves quite nicely. With an overarching theme of truth dissolving into grave issues with the nation, people, and rebel king, the main character is nicely woven into both those problems. Unexpected plot twists and complications will have the reader on the edge of his/her seat. The suspense builds to the climax – and the climax is suitably and intensely dramatic and involved. True to the realism of evil, the villain is horribly wicked – and yet he has reasons of his own on top of his cruel nature. This makes him believable and desperate as well as the threat of being the bane of the main characters.

This is the second book to be released by Jessica Greyson. Those who have read, enjoyed, and wanted more after Annabeth’s War will love Captive of Raven Castle. While the style is similar, the characters and plot are entirely new and refreshing. Personally, I enjoyed Captive of Raven Castle even more than Annabeth’s War and would recommend it highly to teenagers and adults. Put this book on your to-read list. You will not regret it.

Captive of Raven Castle: coming this spring/early summer!

Watch for updates and announcements:

– At Safirewriter.

– At Jessica Greyson on Facebook.

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Or check out Annabeth’s War.


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