Ransomed: Book Review

“Powerful…beautiful… so true.” These are the first words that came to mind the first time I read Ransomed. Although this story could be viewed as fiction, it is not. Every part of it is completely real. It is an allegory: an allegory of my life – and of yours.

Ransomed sets the mood in the very first sentence. It seems impossible to set a scene so quickly, but the author does so. Although an entire background story could be behind the opening scene, further description is not needed, for we are right there, drawn into the story. The love and care are deep and real. The contrast between the quietness and the danger is astounding – and yet it is there. The deceit of the enemy is portrayed realistically and very fittingly. Persuasiveness comes across through the dialogue. The first person point of view puts the reader into the shoes of the main character – and main character is not named, for it is me. It is you.

Love – true, deep, strong love, not mushy love as modern culture has defined it – is portrayed powerfully and grippingly. At the end of each section, short gripping sentences clinch the transition. The story flows smoothly and naturally with power in the way the sentences are fashioned. The whole thing is very well put together and very effective.

It is a challenging, thought-provoking allegory with gripping spiritual dimensions. I really enjoyed reading it and it was well worth my time! Even now, after I have read it several times, it still grips me and challenges me each time, refocusing my perspective on life and what truly matters. Read Ransomed. You will be blessed.

Ransomed: Coming within the month! Watch for announcement of release at Seek Him First.

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