Annabeth’s War: Book Review

Buy on AmazonI read a book. A book called Annabeth’s War. A book written and published by a very good friend of mine. A book that is pure.

Annabeth’s War, by Jessica Greyson, is the story of Annabeth, a young girl who has a sword and knows how to use it. As troubles engulf the country, she must do her best to stop evil and save the people – all the while harboring secrets of her own. As she meets new friends and encounters old ones, she demonstrates courage, loyalty, and femininity hidden under her sword and disguises.

It is not a book for the faint of heart. If you hate battle scenes or painful descriptions and always steer clear of all romance, this book may not be your favorite. However, if you love adventure, bravery, drama, and unexpected plot twists, you will enjoy this book. The various drama scenes are realistic: the heroes are not always spared pain and agony or miraculously rescued from dangerous situations right before imminent death. If you are tired of unrealistic and continual hairbreadth escapes, you will find Annabeth’s War refreshing.

These are my initial reactions to said book:

It is AMAZING. What an awesome, weird, wonderful, eerie feeling to be holding a book, turning pages, and reading words written by my friend… a real book. To enjoy a thrilling story, a twisting plot, lively characters – to have them all leap right off the pages in my hands – and to know that I know the author. I was blessed by the story and by reading it.

What a book. The description is amazing. At parts of the book, I hated it. I shivered. I wanted it to STOP. I kept waiting for the awesome deliverance that must be coming NOW because SHE CANNOT GO THROUGH ALL THIS!! Then the end came – wow wow wow.

It’s fascinating how her character develops and changes: she starts off as a strong, firm, unmovable woman of steel – and by the end she’s completely different.

(By the way, anyone who wants “MORE” of this style of story should LOVE Captive of Raven Castle which Jessice has coming out this summer!)

Ransom is great supporting character – caring, strong, wise, persevering, undaunted. Annabeth’s name fits her absolutely perfectly – she could not be anyone else! It’s common enough to not sound really odd, but it’s unique so that SHE alone forms the image I get in my mind for that name.  And then there is Song Lark – the mysterious but wonderful-sounding character who is essential.

I loved the snippets in the book about God/trust/etc. – such strong faith in such desperate times is inspiring – and it’s so pure to read those sections just where they are!

It flows well; it ties together wonderfully. The climax and ending is well-presented. All in all, it is an excellent read for girls and young ladies who want a courageous heroine – and for young gentlemen who love adventure. Check it out at or on etsy.

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