Life Does Not Have a Preview Button

I graduate from Bible school in ten months. At this stage, it has hit: The Question. 

I now finally understand why people hate The Question.

“So, what are you going to do after that?”

The very next time anybody asks me That Question, I am very tempted to answer something like this:

“By your query, you are implying that I have nothing better to be doing during the next ten months than thinking about the future. You are implying that whatever I might do after these ten months is somehow much more important than what I am doing now. In reality, if I spent all my time thinking about what I could do after these ten months, I would never graduate at all. I am too busy in the present to worry about what I will do at that distant date. Didn’t Jesus Himself say that every day has enough trouble of its own – so take no thought even for tomorrow (let alone ten months from now)? If you want me to be doing anything in ten months, you need to allow me to enjoy and be fully satisfied with living in the present right now! Why do you care more about ten months from now in my life than you do about my life at the moment? We only live one moment at a time.”

It was understandable when it was about after high school. Then it was understandable when it was college. But this time around, it is getting rather old. Is your biggest curiosity regarding my life always going to be where I will be a year from now?

That’s God’s business. I don’t care to be bothered with it!


Don’t tell me. I’ve been at a debate tournament all day. And I need sleep. 🙂 And don’t ask what I’m doing tomorrow. 🙂


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