Metamorphosis & Life in Christ

In metamorphosis, the caterpillar struggles to rid itself of its old skin before entering the chrysalis.

In the same way, we want to get rid of our old skin. God wants to transform us from the inside. He makes all things new.

Ordinarily, the caterpillar’s actions would be crazy. To shed the old skin and lock itself up in a hard case where its entire body is dissolved into “soup” is suicidal and sounds silly. However, the caterpillar is right where God wants it to be. Why? “It’s all right to commit suicide. There’s a new me waiting to happen.”

In the same way, it’s okay to put our flesh and old nature completely to death. There’s a new me waiting to happen.

Furthermore, once a caterpillar is committed to the chrysalis stage, there’s no going back. It cannot decide to halt the process and become a caterpillar again. It has to go all the way.

In the same way, once we are in Christ, we are a new creature. Old things are passed away – never to return. All things are become new. There is no going back


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