Field Guide For The Promised Land

Numbers 33:51-54: When ye are passed over Jordan into the land of Canaan; 52 Then ye shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you, and destroy all their pictures, and destroy all their molten images, and quite pluck down all their high places: 53 And ye shall dispossess the inhabitants of the land, and dwell therein: for I have given you the land to possess it. 54 And ye shall divide the land by lot for an inheritance among your families: and to the more ye shall give the more inheritance, and to the fewer ye shall give the less inheritance: every man’s inheritance shall be in the place where his lot falleth; according to the tribes of your fathers ye shall inherit.

 These are instructions for the children of Israel to carry out after Moses’ death. It is a Field Guide For What to Do in the Land of Canaan:

  1. Drive out all the people.
  2. Destroy all their pictures.
  3. Destroy all their molten images.
  4. Pluck down all their high places.
  5. Dispossess the people.
  6. Dwell in the land.
  7. Divide the land for inheritance.

This is also a field guide to what we need to do. We have been given a New Inheritance and a Promised Land in which to dwell. However, to receive it, we need to do a few things:

  1. Drive out the old people. The old inhabitants of our being and nature cannot live there any longer. Our flesh, selfishness, and pride have no place in the New Inheritance. There is no room for our old man or for old things. All these things are passed away. The good news is that God has already driven them out; we simply need to receive it. Through allowing the Light to enter, darkness flees. We cannot cuddle with our old man anymore.
  2. Destroy all the pictures. We have spent our entire lives putting “pictures” in our minds – meditating on what we want to meditate on, thinking about what we want to think about, and so on. These things must be destroyed; there is no place for them in the new land. In the new land, we must think of things of God and fill our minds with His word.
  3. Destroy all the molten images. The imaginations and the things we have set up in our lives as exalted above the knowing of God must go. Anything that hinders us from knowing Him cannot remain in our new dwelling place.
  4. Pluck down the high places. That which we have created to be holy in our lives must be cast down utterly. Nothing is holy but God alone. As long as we are clinging to self-made holiness, we cannot receive the fullness of the holiness of God.
  5. Dispossess the people. Not only do we have to remove the old nature, we must take back the ground we have allowed the old nature to have.
  6. Dwell in the land. Simply abide in Christ. He is right there; He has given Himself to us.
  7. Divide the land for an inheritance. Make use of the fullness of Christ in every area of your life. You have Christ for eating, and Christ for sleeping, and Christ for ministry to others. You have Christ for personal abiding time, and Christ for witnessing time. Christ is not “divided” – but the fullness of Christ applies in different areas to every area of life. Use the fullness of the inheritance you have been given.

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