What Do Writers Need Most?

One writer’s blog describes a writer’s care package.

So what types of things  do writers need most according to that particular blog?

  • $15 Starbucks Giftcard – which that blog calls {the perfect writer’s treat}  – If this is the perfect writer’s treat, I am not a writer. But that’s all right. Writers differ.
  • Purse-sized 60 page Notebook {for jotting down inspirations on the go} – what is a “purse-sized notebook when one does not have a purse? It seems to be about the length of a pencil, however – which is a convenient size for a notebook. I would agree that a notebook is essential for a writer – despite the existence of computers. 
  • Three Pencils {to accompany the aforementioned notebook} – my former writing teacher once said, “Never write your paragraphs with a pencil. Do not bring them to writing class. Save them for math class or something.” Alas, the mark of a pencil eventually fades – but if you are without a pen, a pencil can save a writer’s life.
  • George Winston Summer CD {inspirational boost} – apparently this is a solo pianist. Instrumental music aids a writer greatly.
  • Two Bookmarks {for keeping tabs in your favorite books} – I like bookmarks. The only problem is that I never have one when I am reading. Even when I am reading my Bible and there is a bookmark in the front of my Bible, I never seem to use it. This must change. If pens and notebooks are a writer’s right hand, then books are a writer’s left hand.
  • Literary Tee Shirt {to show your Hobbity pride} – It has a red dragon on it. (Shouldn’t that be a “Green Dragon”? ;))
  • Chibi {for inspiration… he’s got a little suit on!} – This meant nothing to me. I looked it up. Apparently it is a “little person.” In that case, call it a hobbit, in keeping with the t-shirt – he’s positioned next to the dragon anyway. If “inspiration” is his task, he has a large one. Perhaps he is supposed to be the subject of our next story…

However, I began to wonder:

What types of things do writers need most?

Many of these things cannot be packaged.

Here are the top ten items that come to mind:

Google Images

1. Time spent with God. Without this, a writer only writes in his or her own strength. Time with God does more for writing that any other one thing.

2. Motivation/dedication/perseverance/willingness to work. The writer must write – not simply think about writing or dream about writing.

Source Credit: BenLaParole, wikimedia commons

3. Writing/English/grammar classes. Inspiration may flow, but without proper knowledge of grammar, spelling, and usage, writing is difficult to read. Along with that…

4. Humility. Be willing to have your masterpiece butchered by the editor and then put back together again.

What about more physical items?

5. Computer – preferably a laptop so you can take your writing with you.

6. Books. Good writers read. Good writers read a lot. The more authors and styles you can immerse in, the more your own writing will be fine-tuned.

7. Pens. Never be without one. You never know when inspiration may strike. It was once said, “The weakest ink is stronger than the best memory” (attributed to John Bytheway).

8. Notebooks – a pocket-sized one for random moments of inspiration, a larger one for reflections, medium-sized ones for jotting down items you do not want to forget.


9. Instrumental music. Life may not have background music, but your writing can. However, turn the music off quite often. Music all the time spoils the flow of writing.

10. Water bottle. Water is the healthiest and most refreshing drink – and a must for writers.
What do you think a writer needs most?


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